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  1. yeah man. I may be an old dinosaur now, but I can still hang with these younguns

  2. Well bud, hope to see your humour around these parts then

  3. Starting over, my friend. All those days when we was fab are done

  4. Oh, the poster formerly known as Daybreak/Relics/Cymballine. Why the new account?

  5. I see......still nothing

  6. I'm a forgotten old timer ;)

  7. Heh? Who might you be?

  8. poke. swedishsniper. lilz what's up homie

  9. I know who you really are

  10. Chowtime?!


  11. *thumbs up* Nice

  12. Did click on the gif or did you actually watch that movie before?

  13. You're my new bestest friend

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