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  1. you're truly a happy birthday machine haha

  2. lost another one last night... i think talking to you is bad luck...

    tonight shall tell

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another loss :(

  4. hopefully :(

    better be some emotion finally!!!

  5. well... sadly we did not bounce back lol schneider had a great game but the rest of the team decided it would be fun to let him play the game by himself apparently lol monday against columbus

  6. yah i know! disappointing game to say the least! but we will bounce back tmrw with schneider in net don't you worry

  7. not a bad sig yourself haha nothing wrong with crosby

  8. hahahaha i try my best :)

  9. not hans solo it's hansmoleman! im more humble than hans solo

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