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  1. Kobe is better.

  2. Yeah. It's definitely more boring than usual, + a lot of posters I don't like b/c their posts suck/annoy me(lol). I miss the good people that left!! .... I haven't been on CDC for the past couple of days. That hasn't happened in SO long!

  3. Sick? Haha, most people I know are sick right now! : I know, just somehow lost interest in CDC! The classic posters are no longer around, but I guess it happens. Haha. I'm alright, I'm not sick at least. : )

  4. It's going pretty good, although I'm sick atm. :( What's up with you!? You're hardly ever on anymore! haha

  5. Hey! how's it going?

  6. Zomg!Leet is a cool name

  7. Same here... 2nd last year for me haha. I can't believe it went by so fast. : \ I'm just slacking off, still getting grades though haha. Guess I'm just lucky. Nothing much really, just got back into posting sourta. : D

  8. lol. Not much! Just getting back into 'school mode' :(. I hate it, but then again, I'm kind of excited that this is my last year.. which is weird because I felt the exact opposite a couple months ago, haha. 'Sup with youu!?

  9. Oh yeah. Haha, what's up?! Been awhile.

  10. Hey. You changed your name back!

  11. lol ya, I've noticed. What have you been up to?

  12. Nothing really, haven't been active in awhile. : \

  13. Hii! How's it going?

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