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  1. For those on BlackBerry 10 like me: 1. Install Cobalt 2. Get the updated G+ whitelist 3. Install patched APK 4. Play! AFAIK, it won't work on the Classic, Q5 or Q10, but it should for the other devices.
  2. Predestination (Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook) 7/10 Better than I thought it would be. Liked the ending.
  3. What about that obelisk (the Diviner) in AOS? I don't know if that counts.
  4. I heard a rumor that Marvel recorded a bunch of extra Stan Lee cameos.
  5. Marvel offers free digital copies of their comics from time to time. Just make account and you can read some on your computer. Link: https://comicstore.marvel.com/free-comics
  6. Super excited to see how the MCU works out on screen. Heard rumours that Benedict Cumberbatch might be Dr. Strange?
  7. News1130radio: More than 16,000 BC Hydro customers in the dark as rain and wind storm slams into South Coast https://www.bchydro.com/outages/orsTableView.jsp
  8. Is Yann Sauve just a free agent now? Not playing for any team on a PTO, or anything, right?
  9. Does anybody else think it's odd that Jonas Hiller still gets KOHO branded goalie pads?
  10. Ahh, okay thanks. Thought I got on the wrong bus at first, but then figured since we were following a 430 it had to be a detour of some kind.
  11. Does anyone know why the 49th was driving along Kingsway (with no stops) until Boundary rather than the usual route?
  12. Birdemic. -10/10 Heard it mentioned as "bad" on Reddit and thought "maybe it's so bad it'll be funny". NOPE. Just plain terrible.
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