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  1. Less than half of a parking ticket here in Norway... (relatively speaking)
  2. Really? Wow. Gives even more of an upper hand to the betting sites.
  3. So I got 1 of 3 last night. Carter Verhaeghe scored in the 1st so no money this time. What about tonight? What's people's thoughts?
  4. Why wouldn't they be legal? It's not much different then other bets. I'm just not sure it's offered on the differe t bedding sites available in Canada.
  5. I don't mind playing small bets here and there. I thought this could be a way to get people discussing and maybe help each other out
  6. I can start with tonight's game. Detroit at Florida: Carter Verhaeghe has 4 goals in 5 games. Detroit is 25th in goals against... Could be Jonathan Huberdeau. He has 6 first period goals this season (leads Florida) however Florida is in the middle of the pack when it comes to scoring in the 1st period. (for referance Ottawa is by far the worst) Washington vs rangers Both ovi and Zibanejad are hot Although Washington scores most of their goals in the second Columbus vs tampa Yan gourde has scored 4 in 5. Tampa scores a fair amount in the firs
  7. Ok so here's the thing. I've been doing a bet with crazy odds. The bet is just as the title says. Correctly pick 3 players to score in the first period on a given night. The odds normally range from around 1 in 300 to 1 in 900 (depending on which players you pick. What I am hoping for is an ongoing discussion of who people will think will score in the first period of a game that night. Who's hot, who scores a lot against a given team etc. I recently won $7500 on a $10 bet, and well, I'd like to repeat that. And maybe if you too like to bet, can maybe win.
  8. 5am start for me which is perfect. My 4 month old daughter loves to wake up at 5am...
  9. Depth is good I agree. Its just sad that is what virtanen has become... Or always has been, press box depth... He basically just fills a spot.
  10. I just need to ask. Win or lose, is anybody missing Jake Virtanen? OK, maybe not fair to ask since we haven't lost without him. But.
  11. That's all this fan base gives Jake... Time. If its not one thing he has to figure out, it's another. I get it, we all fear the cam neely situation will happen all over again. But Jake is not a smart player. I've given him time, but now he is my official Dana Murzyn. If he played a simple game like Motte he'd be effective. Unfortunately his play is poor, his decions are poor. His passes are always in the skates, and there is no effort. Good riddance.... Sorry, rant over. Edit: For referance i did not like Murzyn...
  12. Nice one! Yeah, I'm fortunate enough that I get full pay and while on leave, and I know I have my job when things settle. I may eventually move to another job but as for now I'm secure and enjoying time with my newborn daughter!
  13. The only great thing about covid19 is that I've been put on temporary leave. Meaning 4am starts are fine. Combine that with my newborn daughter who likes to wake up at that time, the timing couldn't be better. I'm looking forward to my 2 month old learning about hockey! I hope the canucks deliver for her first game
  14. I get what you're saying, I just don't think Virt has the smarts to play that position. He's good at retrieving pucks and using his size, when he's into it.
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