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    Nylander. 2 assists in 7 games. 10.27m  cap hit. Leivo. 4 goals 1 assist in 9 games. $925k.

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Plus Leivo isn't one of the laziest floaters in the whole league.  Good luck moving that bum's contract, Dumbass.

    3. Alflives


      I still can’t believe Wee Willie got those dollars.  He’s getting more than a lot of really honest hockey players, like Bo!  What the hell are Matthews and Marner going to get?  14 million?  They’re both twice as good as Willie Boy.  

    4. luckylager


      I keep routing for him














      ......to continue sucking!

      Suck it Dumbass Toronto, your guy is total dud. A soft floaty pretty boy prima Donna

  2. Brock probably won't win ROY but Petterson sure as heck will. And probably MVP too. 



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    2. SabreFan1


      @J-23Why?  The Canucks are almost as bad as the Sabres!

    3. J-23


      I don't know, I like that kid.

    4. SabreFan1


      I think he'll do well in his career.  I just don't want the Sabres to rush him into the lineup and burn a year off of his contract.  The Sabres aren't a playoff team and won't be for another 2-3 years at the least unfortunately.  It all depends on how quickly Jason Botterill can build up a decent roster.

  3. Dear Benning, please keep our vets. That way we can lose more games and get Matthews. 

    1. RRypien37


      Or you know...trade the Vets for more picks....and play raw rookies/prospects from the farm and lose just as many games while developing players for future years. 


  4. Dreamt that we drafted Dahlin, traded Tanev for Cal Foote, and Tryamkin came back:




    :blush: #dreamon

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    2. Warhippy


      Reggie has no idea what he's talking about but hey that's cool.  Some of us only see him 27 times a season in Kelowna and not just on stats sheets or 3 WJC games

    3. TheHitman


      I don't see the point of trading Tanev if we get Dahlin tbh. He'd be an ideal partner for Dahlin...

    4. luckylager


      I can hear the call now. On the PP


      "Dahlin to Dahlen, back to Dahlin, to Joulovi. Fake shot. Back to Dahlin, passes to Dahlen. To Boeser, to Dahlen, Pettersson shoots, blocker, recovered by Dahlen, to Dahlin, shoots, tipped by Boeser.. GOOOAAALLLL!!!

  5. Hello out there, we're on the air, it's hockey night tonight! :towel::canucks:



  6. If you're bored and want some good hockey memories: 


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    2. NHL'er


      But some of the classiest guys too: Kariya, Niedermayer, Salic, Smyth, Iginla, Brodeur 

    3. NHL'er
    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      Remember when we won a playoff series?



  7. My name is Robin Lehner:


    1. thejazz97


      No this is Patrick

  8. Seeking solace in the Utica Comet's thread

  9. Someone needs to do a remake of this but with the Canucks :') 


    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      I'm thinking the following remake of the Oilers management for the past 10+ years would be a far greater box office smash hit!:



    2. ReggieBush


      "We still believe, we still believe
      It's coming home,
      It's coming home, it's coming
      Stanley's coming home
      It's coming home,
      It's coming home, it's coming
      Lord Stanley is Coming home"


      Music video is in Stanley Park


      @Canuck Clay when we get a better team would you up for something like this:P

    3. Canuck Clay

      Canuck Clay

      Haha sure....loop back to me. :P


  10. When the red carpets gone, the real skates come on. 

  11. Would you trade Gudbranson back for McCann right now?



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    2. Jaku


      Lol no.

    3. J.I.A.H.N


      It's a good question, and the answer for me is no.....

    4. 6string


      I'm gonna say absolutley No!

  12. *sory. but happy halloween :P

  13. ~~!!bon anniversaire!!~~

    but seriously. happy birthday :)

  14. 75,000 should be enough for hmm. a car :P. Tell me what model/type you got one you get it.

  15. ahh good. good. hows your summer going?

  16. Although I do plan on applying to McGill next year.

  17. Blah Blah Blah..

    and of course...

    Happy Birthday!

  18. Blame your parents for?? Not teaching you how to get a life :P. or be desperate for attention? i don't really get how this relates to your parents.

  19. Bleach fan eh?

  20. Bon Anniversaire.

    Happy Birthday.

  21. bon anniversaire.

  22. Bon Anniversaire

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