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  1. it was great! tried scuba diving and even got myself a tan .but reality now strikes and im buried underneath school :( hows everything going for you?

  2. haha I'll just pack you in my suitcase and no one will know. yea. ya gotta love the sun.

  3. I'm leaving this Friday and won't be back 8th of August. So 2 weeks-ish. but Vancouver is entering its "nice" season and most of my friends are staying here.

  4. pretty good too. I'm leaving for Hawaii soon though. U going anywhere this summer?

  5. ahh good. good. hows your summer going?

  6. I sure hope you're still alive ;)

  7. Est-ce que Je sais tu?

  8. When you say "Thanks for the Profile View" I assume you're saying Thanks for giving me all the attention I want?

  9. I like your new usage of gansta language ;).

    Ahh homework. Its all the same for me. Crap loads of homework.

  10. who? me? :P

    but not too much. you?

  11. you better still be alive.

  12. mhmm. so your thoughts on Edler?

  13. Yep. One of the top universities in Canada. Although the weather is wayy beyond extreme.

  14. Although I do plan on applying to McGill next year.

  15. ohh :P so, what universities have you applied to so far. :)

  16. Just a random question. but your username says 1993. your profile says. 1991. ..

  17. Happy Sweet 16!! :P

    and hope to see you posting more often!

  18. you have got to send me a pm when you get un-suspended..

  19. I'm being serious. Change your username to KHL'er.

  20. Happy Birthday ~~Zata-O!!~

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