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  1. We have enough big bodied forwards for them to get through other team defences. And we also have some of the smartest players and coaches in the league on our team, so they will figure out ways to get around certain teams and defences. And besides, the best players in the playoffs are usually those small skilled players like Kane, Briere, Pavelski, etc. so I am not worried. Go Canucks Go!

  2. Well right now I am grateful for the way the team is playing and for the team that we have playing right now, and I beleive this team has more than what it takes to finally win that Silver Cup we all want as Canuck fans, and even if they fall short of that goal, I will still love them and appreciate all of the hard-work they put into the season and giving me some more great memories of my team. Go Canucks Go!


    Trade him, and O'Brien in a trade similar to the Ehrhoff trade, but the other way. Team? I'm not sure, but there's gotta be one. That way we get the cap room we need to sign Willie Mitchell (Unlikely but I'm hoping for it). Our defense now looks like this:






    The reason Alberts is still here is because I'm not sure any team in the league needs/wants him.

    So we are going to trade both of them for a crappy prospect? No thanks. I'm sure we can get more than that for Bieksa ALONE

  4. At the start of the year when we had him up, I not only loved his offencive play, but his play without the puck was really impressive. I remember him picking the pockets of 2 different guys on the same shift in a game.

    Grabner is going to be good, and it is kind of disheartening to see that he is not getting the respect he deserves on here, but that is typical CDC I guess lol

  5. there were other teams willing to throw money at these free agents other than NY. Do you honestly think the Rangers are the only team that actually try to get big name players at a big name price? You don't think there were other offer sheets from other teams for free agents that ended up in NY? Sather does waste money but he's not a complete idiot or he wouldn't have a career this long.

    Well, handing out big contracts to overrated players like Redden, Gomez, Drury, etc. dosn't exactly scream genius, now does it?

  6. I'd take a chance on Forsberg. He has been skating and playing to get in shape, unlike Sundin when we signed him. The only thing I, and many others, fear is that Frosberg's ankle won't be able to hold up, but even if he does get hurt, our lineup would look the same as it does today, but hopefully without the injuries and that will also be fine with me.

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