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  1. :lol: your team is only .5 points ahead of mine. we will see who's team comes out on top.
  2. :'( Why not? It would be fun with lots of "lolz"

  3. :S Nope. not me lol

  4. :S you wrote my name down?


    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Both you and Pwnage watched that Simpsons episode, didn't you?

    2. Venom52


      haha, yeah, I watched it just for this lol.

    3. Ryder1234


      noooo, they brainwashed you too!

  6. "When Booby Lu's in the net, ma" awesome video

  7. @@ Hello there...


  8. *cough*C.Hodgson*cough*

  9. 0_o I thought my friend invented that term

  10. 20th birthday today :D

  11. 2nd last day of work untill I get to back to my buisiness classes =D

  12. 3 hours of sleep last night and a full day of work today have totally drained me, oh well, I get 2 weeks off now

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    2. Venom52


      Superstore lol, they are thinking of promoting me though to assistant manager due to my buisiness school training, so I'll be able to pwn them in a while.

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Crush your inferiors. Crush them all.

    4. Venom52


      I will- muhahahaha!!!

  13. 65 tylenol in 33 hours. I'm guessing that isnt good...?

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    2. LostViking


      Wow, should've rubbed some coke on it, or drank some nyquil and just went to sleep

      don't OD on tylenol!!

    3. Master 112

      Master 112

      You're only supposed to have 2 every what - 4 hours?

    4. theSituation


      you know how i know you're a dumbass?

  14. A 1-0 Win is worth just a much as a 20-0 Win...

  15. Agreed, Epicness at it's best.

  16. All I want for Easter is for the Canucks to win at least one more game this season! Go Canucks Go! :P

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