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  1. 1 hour ago, Captain Woodget said:

    I'll type out my tactics, which I've not changed for 64 years:


    Defensive coverage: zonal

    Mentality: Offensive

    Aggressiveness: Aggressive

    Backchecking: Normal

    Gap Control: Normal

    Puck Pressure: Heavy

    Hitting: Normal

    Tempo: High

    Passing: Creative

    Shooting: Normal

    Dumping the puck: Rarely


    Forward usage: Normal

    Defense usage: Normal

    Powerplay usage: Favor 1st

    Line matching: 1v2, 2v1, 3v3, 4v4

    3-on-3 play: Use 2 defensemen


    All four lines use the following tactical systems:


    Breakouts: Positional

    Neutral Zone Offensive: Positional

    Offensive Zone: Positional

    Forecheck: Positional Low

    Neutral Zone Defensive: 1-2-2

    Defensive Zone: Positional

    Offensive faceoffs: Point shot

    Defensive faceoffs: lopsided

    Thanks man, I'll be sure to try it out. Hopefully it improves my offence haha.

  2. 9 hours ago, Captain Woodget said:

    I once traded the 2nd overall for the 1st overall, straight up, no add ons, and the fans were furious at my waste of resources. I tend to ignore it as no matter the number of 'bad' trades I've made, I've never been sacked on any iteration of EHM.

    Thanks man, I've quickly realized this myself. Was under some pressure from the board and firing Willie seemed to save my ass.


    Only problem I am having is my lack of scoring, I signed Steven Stamkos in the off-season after he lead the league in points and goals, now he is very much under scoring on my team while playing 1st line and 1st pp mins with other high quality players. I have messed around with the tactics to try and fix this but to no avail. any tips on what I need to do to get my guys scoring on a comparable rate with the rest of the league's players?

  3. We ain`t goin nowhere.

    We just hanging out, waitin for ya.


    100% because of the commitment from C2X. When are you making a comeback?

    I think I am going to try and become a regular on CDC again before I throw my hat in the ring for a GM position (If there are even any positions open atm).

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  4. Novak will win. He is on such a tear its not even funny.

    BTW, they should make seperate threads for each slam when they are going on. would probably get more traffic and attention that way

  5. Banned because I needed to reply to someone in this thread and had to ban the guy above me to do so. :P

    POLAND!! POLAND!!! NO! It's Serbia. You better have been joking :angry:

    I just thought it was funny when someone banned you for liking poland instead of serbia. :P

    Banned for joining this year

    :lol: All I noticed was the red and white and remembered seeing a coat of arms simular to that one when I went to Poland a few Summers ago. Took a shot in the dark and missed :P

  6. Banned for not accepting my trade tongue.gif

    :lol: I saw this coming when I saw you had posted in the thread

    banned for having one of my favourite quote in history in his sig

    edit: that was for Moonwalker, now for the guy above me

    as a proud Albertan born Calgarian, I have to ban you for liking anything Edmonton :P;)

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