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Status Updates posted by Venom52

  1. thanks for the sig man! it looks amazing!

  2. ok you post it into the fantasy hockey pool thread.

  3. :lol: your team is only .5 points ahead of mine. we will see who's team comes out on top.
  4. Cha! good name, bad timing :P

  5. lol my fantasy team is killing yours

  6. get out while you still can!!!

  7. happy one day early birthday!!!

  8. get out while you still can!!!

  9. get out while you still can!!!

  10. cool! I will have to wish you happy birthday 5 days after mine then :)

  11. how does it feel to have your team in 17th place now? I wouldn't know because my team is in 5th!!! hahaha

  12. hello Alex! score a couple of goals against Detroit for us!

  13. what's Misty up to tonight? :P

  14. why don't you go and evolve?

  15. aww, so this is the legendary clueless fan

  16. lol sweet name! I was thinking of getting it, but you beat me to it :P

  17. happy birthday

  18. happy birthday :D

  19. welcome to CDC !

  20. happy birhtday :D

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