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  1. Want to head a funny joke about Hossa?

  2. haha sweet name/sig/avatar

  3. Yeah, my dad Has cheered for them since the late 70's so I decided to help him out when I was a kid and haven't stopped cheering for them- even when they sucked lmfao

  4. Yup. Wut you gunna do bout it?

  5. Is it a draft? Or do we start off with the players on the team we select??

  6. Nephyte is right, make a thread and you will have alot of ppl helpin out I'm sure

  7. Starbucks just introduced their new type of coffee....It's Called the Marian Hossa....

    and it comes without a cup!!!

  8. Haha no, I love the new name. And I agree with the Heatley comment as well. Both players do not deserve cups. At least Hossa was a good guy.

  9. Poor guy, Why did Stealth have to crucify him?

  10. I'm not simming today :(

  11. heh yeah, we don't need him butchering this league up with his lame posts.

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