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Status Updates posted by Venom52

  1. Not much, just got off work.

  2. Haha no, I love the new name. And I agree with the Heatley comment as well. Both players do not deserve cups. At least Hossa was a good guy.

  3. How goes it?

  4. Really? That would be good for the city, I'm sure the AHL would be a success in Saskatoon or an Saskatchewan city for that matter. Only thing I'm worried about is the WHL teams, we care about those teams alot too and would hate to see them get run out of town because of the Moose haha

  5. Is it a draft? Or do we start off with the players on the team we select??

  6. haha no idea lol

  7. what was the name of that golfer chick that you used to have in your sig?

  8. haha sweet name/sig/avatar

  9. I'm not simming today :(

  10. Very sweet sig man.

  11. Good thing you switched your name bro lmao

  12. Nephyte is right, make a thread and you will have alot of ppl helpin out I'm sure

  13. Poor guy, Why did Stealth have to crucify him?

  14. I guess, and they might have it on in the aren so I can sneak a peak at the score before faceoffs and stuff.

  15. Canada. I don't get to choose, I am forced to watch Canucks seeing as my coach won't let me skip the game to go to the Canada game =(

  16. I try to avoid going outside whenever I can. Today I plan on staying inside unless I need to run to the store or something

  17. Freezing. -30 Temps almost every day. sometimes colder.

  18. Starbucks just introduced their new type of coffee....It's Called the Marian Hossa....

    and it comes without a cup!!!

  19. Want to head a funny joke about Hossa?

  20. Is there a thread or something for the GHL?

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