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Status Updates posted by Venom52

  1. Venom52

    Yo Yo Dawg, Hows it hangin yo?

  2. wtf? I thought my comp was messin up when I first saw your username

  3. Your secret is safe with me

  4. You're so cool


  5. I sold my Cup ring already.

  6. Like my preformance in the SCF?

  7. 0_o I thought my friend invented that term

  8. Your sig trips me out man 0_o

  9. for your "short list" lulz

  10. :S you wrote my name down?

  11. :'( Why not? It would be fun with lots of "lolz"

  12. I added you on msn, but you never accepted :'(

  13. Why do they call you - -

    p.s you can't underline in a comment :P

  14. I miss you babe ;'(

    Take me back please!!!

  15. nvm I figured it out on my own <_<

  16. Whats her name? I want to enjoy her too :'(

  17. whose in your sig?

  18. I see you replaced miss murder now =O

  19. More like "Jacking off to" tehe

  20. I thought the "25" in your name was to worship the "52" in my name :'( just like Mario wore 66 to mimick Gretzky's 99 lulz

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