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  1. but...but...I thought you were my biggest fan :(

  2. What?!?! I have been destroyed!!11!

  3. Mmm pies... Apple pies FTW

  4. I'm the lord of the flies @@

  5. liesauce tastez good wit french friez

  6. :S Nope. not me lol

  7. Howsabout we go to the ole saloon and pick up a couple of young dames to take home for the night?

  8. Agreed, Epicness at it's best.

  9. Super Sayan 3 pwns

  10. whoops, I thought you said boo ;)

  11. Sorry, only way to get out of my belly is if you go super sayan ;)

  12. good, I eat people who don't agree with me =0

  13. I like most pastas, I like the texture of the lasagna due to the hard noodle they put on top, mixed with the cheese and meat is tasty. Pizza is not a pasta. Spaghetti is good, especially with ranch dressing =0

  14. Naw, it is just that you popped up as coolest CDC'er :wub: =P

  15. Venom52

    to start a long and meaningful realtionship :wub:

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