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  1. you too $$

  2. OH you are Bulbasuar lol

  3. Yeah, damn migration made me change it faster than I wanted to $$

  4. lmao, I just told my brother that if I ever meet the guy who plays Bruno walking down the street in real life I'm gonna punch him out just because he starred in a crappy film that happened to come out on my birthday tehe

  5. I'll get there soon, I just need Toronto to start drafting Canadians is all...

  6. lol I like the new name honey

  7. @@ Hello there...


  8. Yeah, but he has some sick Offensive skills on this game

  9. hey there, hows it goin?

  10. Heh, I have seen him get a few correct, but he is rarely ever right. Why people pay attention to him is beyond me...

  11. lol I know, but Eklund is just as bad as me and he is considered a good source so I guess there is still hope for me afterall ;)

  12. Hey there @@

    Just stopping by ;)

  13. Hey there @@

    Hows it going?

  14. Hi there. Hows it goin?

  15. We have one sick team going here B)

  16. Check the new addition to my sig out babe B)

  17. What would happen if I threw you in a cage?

  18. Thanks, that font is nice.

  19. What font is your lineup in?

  20. I'm an NBA sniper! B)

  21. My team will eat yours once they play against each other

  22. I see you got a name change. Does that mean the whole thread was a fake?

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