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  1. I can't believe the amount of people dragging Brock in this thread while hes at home with a sick father. Ever think that maybe this negotiation is to ensure some financial stability for his family more than anything?
  2. Come to think of it ..anytime a call up has arrived since cull took over I cant think of an instance where a call up has been bad. Spot duty sure but none have looked like they shouldn't be there. The guys that get called up get called up for a reason...with the exception of dipietro of course.
  3. Coulda fooled me. Let's ask Gaudette who has been quite positive about his time in Utica.
  4. Who do you think will have a higher ceiling? Lockwood or Kole Lind. They seem to have similar skillsets
  5. Id really love to see archie make the team this year. The guy is a warrior who just needed better wheels. Il be ecstatic if he makes it
  6. Valk really should be a canuck one day Love his heart
  7. I can't believe he referred to Senator Warren as "the Indian" today in an interview Pretty classless even for him
  8. This is like the new Kassian witch hunt. Can't we just support our prospects?
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