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  1. Frolik is getting a PTO by the Blues. My ask is very cap friendly and light on the return.
  2. Michael Frolik is available out of Boston.
  3. Anyone with a functional brain that is able to predict how Agent Orange behaves for his own self profit? Are you really surprised?!
  4. Please learn how to edit or minimize your posts. You don’t need to include a full article. If you do, then bold the sentence(s) you’re trying to make the rest of us aware to. FFS, don’t post long ass posts in big fonts. I literally don’t give a flying duck now, about your point or your post. Keep your posts short,sweet and to the point.
  5. Boston recalls Kyle Turris. @canuck2xtreme
  6. Bobby Ryan on the block. Message me to make a deal.
  7. “What?”, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin enquired, repeatedly.
  8. I’m starting to become a little less facetious about my ‘Live and Let Die’ musings, with regards to anti-vaxxers and a little more genuine, with regards to my apathy towards their self-inflicted demise. I honestly think natural selection is at work in real-time and who are we to stand in its way when it comes to the insanely ignorant and dangerously dumb among us? There have been enough people recanting on their death beds for others to be sufficiently warned. If one is too brazenly stupid to not stop at train track when the arms are down and the signals are bla
  9. It’s the govt’s 5G chip. They’re tracking what kind of Cheetos you prefer so they can tell their alien overlords. Duh.
  10. I’m at the point where I don’t really care if the anti-vaxxer’s die. It’s just natural selection at this point for me. Ignorance is a mental attribute that will lower the chances of survival for some of those in our species. The only problem with that however is that they’ll drag innocents down with them.
  11. Can we abort the ignorant unvaccinated? Damn, guess not. In Texas you just need a heartbeat without any higher functioning synaptic ability.
  12. The Mu variant strain, the variant strain after the Delta variant strain is already causing concern among health officials. This is something that didn’t need to happen. COVID-19: New Mu variant could be more vaccine-resistant https://news.un.org/en/story/2021/09/1098942
  13. Most of the time I took Carlin not as a comedian but as someone sounding a warning.
  14. Texas Taliban have taken over fully. Time to airlift the remaining citizens out of that land that critical thought and common sense forgot.
  15. Use the tactic the Cons are using in Texas against gun ownership across the US. See if they like how that tastes.
  16. Good job Toews! Always an extra kudos when you win as an SK. Town pulling defeat out of the jaws of victory.
  17. Please don’t say anymore. It’s just nonsense to me at this point. Well done on the mislynch.
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