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  1. The IOC is a big crooked scam and the Olympics are a great big cash cow. The games promote nationalism, not athleticism; and all the major countries are guilty of using the games to promote their own agendas. Nationalism is a major cause of war, not exactly conducive to sports-person-like behavior from the athletes nor the fans. Take the nations out of the Olympics, and make it about who is the best athlete. Period. No flag-waving crap. "Oh, Canada won more medals than Latvia. Yay. We so good." "Go Canada. Cah Nah Duh, Cah Na
  2. Eddie and Schmidtty both gone from the left side; not the 2 LHD I thought JB would scratch. Sure opens up room for Ollie and Jack though.
  3. It is free agency. Players get to choose between offers so contracts get bid higher. If ya wanna play, ya gotta pay.
  4. I was hoping he'd stay with us!
  5. The first, and now at least 7 more? Are there still more who have not yet come forward? Jake could be looking at jail time if all is true.
  6. How does the money shake out on this deal? Did Arizona save money? Did Vancouver buy their way out of those deals? Has anyone done a cash breakdown of the deal?
  7. Thanks. Looking forward to two years of good news from the QMJHL about this robust, raucous, and rambunctious rapscallion!
  8. Ok, I'm convinced; you're right, I was too excited and wanted him in A, so we could call him up sooner. Still rather have him over here than in the K. Sounds like we wouldn't have been able to move him to the A anyway, as he was 'drafted [by us, while] in the CHL'. Do we have to wait until he turns 20 before we can move him from the Q to the A? (enough frikckin letters!)
  9. Now that Hank and Dank and now OEL are in the organization with Edler and Petey and Hogz, everyone is going to be more thoughtful, empathetic, and respectful, as they were taught to be back in Sweden. (I wish. CDC will continue to be a cesspool of idiot spew, with islands of 'good' posters that make it still the best place for Canucks news and discussions bar none.)
  10. JB may have correctly anticipated that the top 4 D would be gone before the 9th pick and that made it easier to trade it. If so, his intel was further supported by the result that after the 8th, the next defenceman was not picked until the 25th pick. Regardless, this is a home-run trade imo, and now that we're not waiting out dead contracts, have good new players, we're a good and constantly improving team. However he does it, I hope he can strengthen the right side D, even if we keep Hamonic (which I hope we do). Another thing on my wish list is an enforcer;
  11. This is what I'm talking about. Seems we have a very short window here to welcome him to Canada, the organization, and his fellow Canucks. Nip this KHL stuff in the bud. Now.
  12. This is a very good indicator of his character and desire to play pro hockey in North America. To me, he seems like a special pick, we should be able to adjust his development path accordingly, and not be subject to the whims of the KHL Masters or stuck in the Q playing against younger and mostly smaller players, which may slow his development. The young man wants to come, and we now have our farm right in Abby; get him over here where we can help him achieve his goals all day, every day. And, he gets paid; which is another positive for development when he's
  13. 6' 2" almost 200 pounds at 18 Swedish RHD. Probably a good pick:
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