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  1. If they are holding down a 'professional' gig, I think they should have to identify themselves on here. How many of our 'trolls' are actually media fishing for ideas, testing out theories, stirring the pot, driving traffic, etc?
  2. Thanks. If we only had until August this year, wouldn't that have given Diamond a huge advantage?
  3. Flail away; I'm done with your nonsense.
  4. Can confirm. Know some of the principles involved in getting the Mars water bombers going, and pilots trained, etc. Being on a lake when these beauties are working is something I don't think anyone would ever forget. (Btw, that is one of the 9 meter dragon boats we introduced to Vancouver Island on the day that picture was taken). And, I just had to go look up The Flying Porcupine! Thanks.
  5. How generous of you. How level-headed and kind you now are. Thank you for growing up and behaving properly. You can stop with the stupid, trolling, 'haven't provided this and that" crap. I did not respond to the mountains of text you spewed because that was not the issue. The issue was, you posted a statement as fact, that was actually mathematically unreasonable, and in fact ridiculous. That much was, and still is, completely obvious; the Canucks were not out of the playoffs, and in fact, are still not out of the playoffs. As the fact of
  6. Hey Gurn, (unrelated), Is that a Mars bomber in your pic? And is it on Sproat Lake like this one is?
  7. All on purpose in response to 34 pages of Provost attacking others. Good for the gander etc.
  8. Back pedal like crazy; it's not going to help; it is all there for all to read. (But maybe you deleted and edited and changed things, eh?) And I did read it all, not to put Paper Bags on your Fool Head, but to enjoy the show, like all the other popcorn-eaters in this thread; you got a problem with that? [Memo to Mods: Please bring back the Minus button. Also, it would be handy to have a different emojis for laughing at the poster than for laughing with them.] You made an ignorant (means uneducated, not stupid) post with an absolute claim that does not hold
  9. You are so full of it! Everybody will be happier than you.
  10. That bear has only 2 things to worry about: Bigger bears. A subdivision at the top of that cliff.
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