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  1. It was his first game. 7+ minutes is not bad. And those were quality minutes; he's a quick study with a lot of skill, strength, and athleticism. I don't see how it would do the team, nor Podz, any good to send him down. He'll be in the top 9 forwards soon, imo (obviously).
  2. Will Lockwood is also really smart and a student of the game. He reminds me of Peca that way; keep your head up, cuz this guy knows how to play. In a way, I think Lockwood's performance was what really let us give up Gadje, and maybe Mac; there was just getting to be too much talent ahead of them. Need I mention, Lockwood can out and out fly?
  3. Lockwood's a beauty. He hit so hard as a young guy growing up, he blew out his shoulder(s?), maybe more than once. He's over that now, and a bunch of guys in preseason found out they better keep their heads up when 58 is out there (eh, McWTF?) We're starting to store these guys who are gonna come up and push out the old dudes.
  4. got a snort outta me for the use of 'dogged'
  5. Big bleedin' legal hit on a legendary dickhead, wins ensuing fight, plus Coilers get the penalty = The Tyler Myers Hat-Trick!
  6. Podz works hard. Makes Chiasson look old and slow.
  7. Podz can score. There is no thing he cannot do.
  8. Gadje might have benefited from the camps of the 'old days', where all the sluggers duked it out for spots on the team. It is an aspect of his game that adds value; perhaps management didn't want to showcase him too much when they want to send him down anyway at some point.
  9. Well, I trust JB & Co., and I am pretty sure he is a better GM than 'most' of us on CDC. These are tough decisions; I am more interested in this process than the draft, which is mostly behind the scenes, while this is up front and personal.
  10. There are only so many spots. Sutter, Boes, and Motte's openings are (hopefully) temporary. This way, we try to slip Gadje down during this busy time, and have him there for later.
  11. A bit early for this much vitriol; Gadje could clear; it is the busiest waiver wire day so far, isn't it? Also, that 'bunch of AHL journeymen' are not all going to be on the team anyway.
  12. Gadge and Lind, both on waivers. And oh how we fretted about the expansion draft.
  13. Hogz too. Straight to The Show.
  14. Just like Petey and Quinn, there will be no holding him back. Start him up and watch him go. These next few games, he's gonna be ramp'n it up. By the time the season starts, he'll have the Coil figured out, and they'll already be tired of him. He's only behind Brock and Garland on RW already (imo, of course). Another Calder candidate.
  15. There's no 'A' in Podkolzin.
  16. As gurn said, ups for being in the right place with your first post; I didn't even know there were different 'places' with my first post; just started typing (a report from Edler's first training camp). And as bigbadcanucks said, your proposal wasn't being discussed much, and I am hopeless in trade proposals, so I'll bite. First, I had to look Bahl up, and I think we could get a lot more out of Jersey than Bahl, a 1st, and a 2nd for the Third Amigo. Second, I'm not sure we could get Dahlin and a 1st for Petey; nor am I sure I want to let Pettersson go. Third, I do not want, did not want, and will not want, any part of Mrs. Kessel on the team; Chychrun, ok, but does Arizona (was Phoenix) want that draft pick enough to lose him? Gabrielson is intriguing I guess, but are not the rest just dumping more of our problems on Arizona, so why do they do this? I'm not attacking you, nor your proposal, I'm just trying to figure it out for myself, and give you my thoughts. Under your proposal, if all parties agree, we give up Petey and Huggy, and perhaps Gabrielson; and we get Bahl (big, young, LD), Dahlin, Chychrun, and Buffalo's 1st. We also get to dump Hamonic (if the idea here is that he is a problem cuz not in camp, may not play this year), and Sutter (even tho on a good contract this year, vet, etc). Arizona gets Gabrielson, Hamonic and Sutter, and might use AHL Petan in the NHL, NJ's 1st, gets to dump Mrs. Kessel, and loses Chychrun. Bottom line, for me, if trading Petey and Quinn, would include a lot more from Jersey, maybe do the Dahlin deal, and just consider getting Chychrun and perhaps 'dumping' Hamonic and Sutter, without taking Kessel. That's my take for what it's worth. Welcome to CDC.
  17. I read the whole thread (before cleansing) and I still don't know if/where it will be on TV. Help?
  18. It might help the negotiations more if J.B. went to Michigan (or where ever they are) and grabbed those 2 puppies by the scruff of their necks and held their noses in it. And, if Keith Thepuke is there, a major throw down with Big Jim and Obese Keith wouldn't hurt either. (Grumpy jokester this morning; it'll get done.)
  19. In BC, it is very simple. There is a very short and very specific list of reasons not to be vaccinated. If your reasons are on the list, fine. If your reasons are not on the list, you are unjustified in endangering the rest of society. That is not fine.
  20. Klim's kick'n doors down.
  21. If Lockwood makes the cut and the fourth line, playing with Motter on the other side, Sutter may not be able to keep up.
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