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  1. Even if this was true, and man it’s a stretch, players have agents to look after their self interest - and no, they will not accept the bare minimum just to keep playing. Do you accept the bare minimum just to keep working?
  2. If Benning pulls off this debacle, it will just prove that he has learned nothing from the Eriksson, Beagle, and Roussel trades. There is only ONE year left on each of those awful deals, where he acquired players over or approaching thirty on multi year vastly over-priced deals for players that either have, or are teetering on, these players’ years of rapid decline. Each of those players’ production declined sharply from the time they were acquired. Oh, and add Sutter to that same list. Ekman-Larson has been in decline from the time he got his EIGHT year contract, two years ago. As
  3. “I disagree with Beagle and Sutter not being stellar defensively, You do not need to run and get Petey boi to show all the stats as I do not agree that stats can show the whole picture in a team sport like hockey.” Kind of hard to have an actual discussion then, unless I was your shrink. If we aren’t having reference to objective facts then all we are doing is talking about your feelings.
  4. If you watched Bure’s upper body kind of bend back and then snap forward when he pulled through the hooks as he skated by defenders, you’d know why he pulled around a parachute - so that he had 5he leverage and body position to pull through resistance. There are some current players on the Canucks That would find value in the same training... not mentioning any names... but it ends ‘ettersson. Hoglander and Skriko were Scandinavians who did similar things. Skriko would be checked against the boards and then squeeze through... not bad for a guy 5’10 172.
  5. We were in cap trouble before Covid. The only one close to a legit fourth liner out of Roussel, Beagle and Motte, is Motte. As for bottom six, our bottom six has been an overpaid mess ever since Benning showed up.
  6. It’ll be interesting to see how much ice Rathbone gets when Green has a couple of 90 year olds to put out there instead.
  7. So, instead, he used Roussel and Beagle, guys who not only can’t play defence, but also can’t score.
  8. Well, they have hardly excelled at defence, and for three mil per, they ought to bring something. As for Goodrow, that’s three times more goals than Beagle and six times more than Roussel, and he plays better defence. Oh yeah, let’s not forget his fourteen assists. Thanks for making my point for me.
  9. Sutter was a third line C in Pittsburg, just how he spent most of his time here. The amount of injuries in Vancouver should have them questioning the training, medical staff and coaching. Of course, there is the fact that when Burke left no-one in Vancouver fought the NHL for a fair schedule, and that lead to a weary time vulnerable to injury. Supposedly Eriksson was signed to play with two of the best offensive players in the league, but like the Sedins, he was awful at getting pucks for himself - it didn’t work with the Sedins because there was no-one on the line to go get the puck,
  10. I don’t need NHL.com to determine the value of Beagle, Roussel and Sutter. In a full season, between them, they scored 12 goals and 11 assists. Of those, Sutter had 9 of the goals. The three goals combined from Beagle and Roussel definitely carried us through the year. That adds up to 2 million per goal, which puts them in Eriksson territory. Don’t know if you know, but there is a difference between ‘coming out skating’ and playing actual productive hockey. As for Sutter, his problem has been showing up to work. Over the past four years, the Canucks have played 289 games,
  11. I’m all for realistic expectations, but Rathbone is not a shrinking violet, he handed out some decency hits in Utica. He’s especially goof at moving up on wingers looking back to receive passes.
  12. Toronto, huh? You must really hate picking blueberries.
  13. I don’t think the third and fourth lines did much carrying, as I recall, we lost most of those games at the beginning of last year and Roussel and Beagle didn’t contribute to much of anything. They sure as heck didn’t play like three million dollar players.
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