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  1. The pod people from “The Dark Crystal”:
  2. Costmar just turned 19 in July, so there is plenty of time for physical and skill development. That said, nowadays smaller centres can thrive in the NHL, for instance Brayden Point at 5’10 168, and who says he can’t covert to a winger, of which there are plenty of undersized top six players in the NHL. Even Pettersson is still listed at under 180. Saying his skill is limited to bottom six at this point is simply ridiculous. He may not develop further, but claiming that at this point is claiming a godlike omniscience.
  3. A player receiving a direct blow to the head gets no chance to protect himself, especially when the force of the blow is doubled by players travelling in opposite directions. Worse still, is a hit from behind driving a player face first into the boards, especially if the head is pushed forward and the first contact with the boards is the top/back of the head, compressing the head forward and risking breaking the player’s neck. I have played in two games where players received a broken neck from such a hit - fortunately after being paralyzed on the ice they recovered their movement but were never able to play again. I have also seen many concussions from elbows and forearm shivers. I have never seen a concussion related to a hipcheck. A player hipchecked rotates around his centre of gravity or lower, depending on how low the check is, The player is essentially rotating around an axis three feet above the ice, and he has the opportunity to get his arms up to protect himself.
  4. “Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t”. Really? What better evidence that it won’t happen is a hundred years of not happening?
  5. That is not entirely true. Focht is a fifth round pick, a two way centre and is doing just fine.
  6. Just a bit chauvinistic on your part, here are the results, they are doing much better than us overall: https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus/country/sweden?country=~SWE
  7. Being from Abby I hate to say this, but Jake is perfect trade material - he possesses all the physical attributes and Moore’s potential. He is still young enough that somebody will think they can untapped it, so he could still attract a good return. We are a team that does not have a plethora of physical players that can play, but the way he plays we don’t have that in Virtanen either. I’d rather see us spend our resources developing MacEwen and Lind and see what we can get for Virtanen.
  8. Since I have bitched about bias in nhl officiating in the past, I have to say that this playoff was well and fairly officiated. Yeah, there were a couple of blown calls, but no discernible bias. If we ever develop perfect players, then maybe we will need perfect officials.
  9. Entirely true. Right after the clipping rule came in refs made a ton of bad calls on good checks. Players just couldn’t take the risk anymore. Neither of Hamhuis nor Ballard hardly ever made a too low hipcheck, but they started getting perfectly fine hipchecks called clipping all the time. Total mistake by the NHL.
  10. The elbow and shoulder to the head delivered by larger players on smaller players is far more dangerous - and the league history is full of career ending concussions because of it. Concussions from hip checks are virtually unheard of - it only looks soectacular. The hip check is far more safe than deliberate blows to the head and it gives the smaller player the ability to avoid a blow to the head and still make a play on the larger forward.
  11. The bog equalizer for guys of Stetcher’s stature is the hip check. Ballard was 5’11 199, but a terror to play against. We had a bigger, better version in Hamhuis (who also had a great hip check). Really unfortunate that the NHL decided to take it out of the game - they’d have been better advised to take the forearm shiver out of the game (the means by which big players destroy smaller players and which takes no skill) the hip check was the equalizer - so long as it is delivered above the knees.
  12. I have to credit Stetcher, too, for his physical play - all those savage cross-checks to the lower knee. I jest, Stetcher has been very effective in these playoffs - by far our biggest +/- player at +8. He may only weigh 185-190, but that is damn near all heart and wits. Hughes and Stetcher are great endorsements for undersized college players- and we have another coming in Rathbone at 5’11 190.
  13. I played a few tournaments in Fort St James, the last one would have been in the early eighties, and yep had some brew in the zoo and watched the Sabres playing. If you were asked who you were cheering for, only one answer permitted your survival - Buffalo. Larry Playfair played for Buffalo - a Fort St. John native son.