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  1. Yep, they are the children who have been raised under the theory that self-esteem is something you get from other people praising you. It is not. Self-esteem has two aspects: your efficacy at the task of living, and your worthiness of living - neither of which can be given, they must be earned.
  2. I am saying that people deserve the truth in feedback about their performance relative to an objective standard - a standard that one applies to all players, evenly. I am saying that I am going to feed back reality - at least my honest perception of it. If your name is Olli, and you struggle in pivoting to the left, I am going to say he struggles pivoting to the left. If his reads are slow in his own end, I’m going to say it. Neither parents nor coaches do their players any good by prevaricating or obfuscating about a player’s performance. With a child, criticism needs to be appropriate to realistic expectations at their level - if they struggle to pivot left, and if they want to improve (some could care less), then that skill should be broken down for them, instructed in detail and practiced till it is automatized. But telling a child that she meets expectations when she does not, does her no favours - it gives her unrealistic expectations about the world. Cheering stupidity is a good way to get more of it. Cheering mediocrity is a good way to get more of it. NHL players are professionals, they are paid enormous amounts of money, and they expect to be judged. In fact, professionals seek being judged - they want to be honestly recognized for what they do. All through school, I admired and respected those teachers and coaches that expected the most of me - it is truly they who wanted the best for me, for me to do well - to help me meet my own high expectations. Why? Because the pleasure and pride of mastering something is intense, and because the lessons learned in mastering one thing can be transferred to the task of mastering one’s own life.
  3. Evolution is very clever, it elicits life serving action in two ways: successful action generally results in pleasure; unsuccessful action results in pain. Successful action over extended time generally yields happiness, and the failure to live well, misery. Can you imagine what a screwed up world it would be if those incentives were reversed? Clearly not, but then that would appear to be the world most people live in, today, or at least say they want to live in.
  4. I guess he had something to prove.
  5. I could say it’s just you, but that would only be to mess with you. Nope, all Insee is a blank box too.
  6. Green doesn’t seem to care for using D on their offside, I think because of difficulty getting up the boards on your backhand. This is the best list of NHLers I could find that mostly play opposite side. Courtesy of DoctorBreakfast:1. Nate Schmidt2. Niklas Hjalmarsson3. Ivan Provorov4. Mikhail Sergachev5. Erik Gustafsson6. T.J. Brodie7. Jordie Benn8. Alec Martinez9. Trevor Daley10. Kris Russell It doesn’t compare too well with the list that could be presented of D playing on their natural side.
  7. Left shooting defenceman on our point on the pp. Since He can stand on or with skates over the blue line to make that setup to Petey on the right sideboards, he has more room, its a tougher pass to Brock on the left half wall, especially when there is close pressure.
  8. No size? According to the Comets 2020 roster, he is 6’1”. In previous seasons in Utica, he was often used as a defensive centre (2019-20) and averaged about half a point a game and had a big + in +/-.. In 2020-2021, Utica used him primarily as an offensive centre (short of centres) and was just under a point a game with a small negative +/-. Had strong face off numbers in the AHL.
  9. Yeah, eye injury seriously affected Rafferty, as well.
  10. Send him some Conner Garland game tapes.
  11. Yeah, Fred, I’ve sure taken a lot of flack for pointing this out ever since we saw him exposed in Utica, as well. I hoped that repairing his hip and knee would cure that, but from his behaviour in pre-season on the bag skate, it was pretty clear that he just has not been working hard enough. Both Green and Benning have little patience with players like that: see Juolevi and Virtanen. If their new teams can get them to train properly, they might still have NHL careers, but most people just are what they are, and changing their external situation does nothing for their mindset. The character on their jerseys should not be a number, it should be a question mark.
  12. DiGiuseppe sure looked calm on that shootout goal, part of being a ver, I suppose.
  13. He looked very calm for a guy in his first pro game, even more so in the OT and shoot out.
  14. A lot of European wingers play the opposite side to their stick handedness - they are playing on the wider ice and it helps to get a better angle for their shot. Plenty of North American wingers do this too, as they are able to protect the puck better on their off wing when driving the net, but it is easier to get out of your own zone on your natural side. However, in the modern game, wingers often switch side on the attack and end up covering initially on their offside as they recover to their own zone.
  15. Lockwood has a history of shoulder problems, and got thrown down on his shoulder. I’ve had separated shoulders three times from exactly that. He was almost invisible in the game today, I sure hope he is not hurt.
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