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  1. I think Rathbone was the glue much more than Baertschi. Hard to appreciate all the quality play that began with Rathbone.
  2. “Pettersson has been great, no doubt, but the next step in his development is to be the #1C.” Maybe before we anoint Pettersson 1C, maybe... we ought to pay attention to the fact that Miller has been the more complete centre, and that he has outscored Pettersson since he has been here. Then there is the fact the Pettersson has turned out to be pretty fragile.
  3. Oops, seems Kepler has a ways to go in his defensive game.
  4. There are no flies on Jack when it comes to smarts. The only thing he lacks compared to Juolevi is size. Jack is second best on his team with +/-, not something that Juolevi could ever brag about. But I don’t say that to put Juolevi down, I believe he has a spot on the Canucks. One of the problems for Rathbone, is that most of the offensive play opportunities that he could trigger will gobbled up by Hughes - that is not a fate that Juolevi contends with. I Olli ultimately as a second or third line D who can give you some smart play in transition and on offence.
  5. Got to give cudos to Benning for that, it would have been easy to make a safer pick.
  6. Nobody blames doctors, lawyers and garbage men from making the best money they can from their professions, so what’s wrong with doing that if you are a hockey player. You gain some kind of honor by not actualizing your potential, and gain some kind of virtue by not being good enough to get paid?
  7. You just invented a new nickname for Tryamkin: Cap’n Crunch.
  8. The good thing about Abby is that near new 7000 sear facility. When the Comets visited the Heat here, when Calgary played out of this rink, the place was pretty much filled. Being based here permanently would most likely draw welI, I should think.
  9. I love Rathbone, but this may be a little early. In any event, it’s infinitely better than letting the young guys rot. Especially in light of the performance of Chatfield and Brisebois in tonight’s win over The Make Beliefs.
  10. Hard to hear all of Cull’s comments, I gather Rathbone, Gadjovich and Baertschi are getting a break to heal up some minor ailments. Maybe Baertshi has been playing hurt.
  11. Don’t miss Baertschi, he has no interest in his own end of the rink, there is good reason he leads the team in minus by a big margin.
  12. As long as Roussel Doesn’t give him advise on how not to take stupid penalties.
  13. Not playing a game for a year is pretty much the definition of ‘derailed’. Ask Juolevi how helpful not playing is.
  14. Anybody catch why no Rathbone or Gadjovich today?
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