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  1. Wow. Neither of us called Jake lazy, we said he did not consistently compete. Neither of us even mentioned Benning, never mind him being incompetent. I have never said Juolevi is a bust in this or any other thread, I did note that he had trouble pivoting to the left likely due to injury. So, maybe you are the one who should learn to read and stop yammering before you say something even more stupid than you already have. And, the reference to Virtanen grew out of a comparison with Hoglander. Are comparison and contrast now forbidden on this site?
  2. I don’t like that crack, but have to admit it is damned funny. And returning to topic, loved the rush by Jurmo.
  3. True this. What I noted and enjoyed in those two games was that Rafferty got better each shift, he played with Hughes in the third period of his second game. There were a couple of shifts where he and Hughes looked like the defence version of the Sedins - they read each other like they had a psychic connection. Two guys, both elite skaters, who think offence at another level. Just a taste, to be sure - a magical moment. That kind of chemistry, in the NHL, can appear and disappear in a heartbeat, just as soon as the best players and their coaches analyze and neutralize it. But there are times when those connections persist - more often among forwards, much more rarely on D - especially pairings where the D are both elite attackers. The last time we saw that in Vancouver was when Vigneault paired Edler with Ehrhoff and both were at the peak of their offensive game. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking, no doubt. Amazingly, another team has a similar promising situation, at the same time - Makar and Byron.
  4. That is not bashing him, it’s just matter of fact. Virtanen rarely shows that kind of intensity, focus, consistency, or competitiveness. His movement up and down the lineup and variety in the number of minutes he gets reflects that. He is what he is. Physically, he could be a fifteen goal guy or a thirty goal guy, it all depends on what he brings on any given day. It’s not a put down to say a guy is an eighteen goal scorer in an abbreviated season. Just making the NHL is a tremendous achievement... just saying that he could be more. I don’t think this will be a problem with Hoglander, who reminds me of Bure in his psyche. Hoglander strikes me as being driven to be wonderful, just a really intense, determined guy. I think on any day you are going to whatever he has to give.
  5. Jasek had 14g 13a in 57 games and 2 sh goals and a gaudy +15 considering he played mostly in a defensive role, neutralizing the other team’s top centre. Neither skating nor size will keep him out of the NHL. He is a very disciplined player and could easily make the NHL in a fourth line role - think Motte without the physicality, but better skating and more size. Is he likely to make the NHL, well first of all he’d need a chance, and those are hard to come by - especially when you have a 3 million a year guy ahead of him playing on the fourth. With the CCanucks having to economize on bottom six players in the next few years, I believe he has a shot. best way to get inexpensive bottom sixers? Develop them. Having to afford expensive young stars in the top six will help to create spaces for less expensive home grown talent in the bottom six/
  6. Yep. If Virtanen had Smyl’s compete he would be among the league’s elite. If he had Walker’s pound for pound willingness and ability to fight, he’d be the most feared guy in the league.
  7. Lind fit well with our NHL players last year in the AHL - Goldobin, Baertschi, and Boucher (has played in the NHL and was the top scorer in Utica). Lind was almost always deployed with our best players in Utica and looked like he earned that spot. For a winger he took a great portion of our key face offs in eithe the O or D zone, and was very good at it - rarely saw him lose. Sure hope we have an AHL this season - want to see some development in Focht, Lockwood, and Woo.
  8. I put Rathbone and Rafferty at about the same level - Rathbone maybe a bit better defensively and better shot, Rafferty brings more size and professional experience. Both are great skaters and passers.
  9. Of course. If they take him, we clear cap, if they don’t, we have the player. Good either way. Doubt they take a six million dollar man.
  10. Do the black aces not count toward the cap - don’t we have to have cap room to bring them into the lineup? We are still over our cap, are we not?
  11. Who said anyone would? Waiver them to the AHL. No, throwing in valuable assets is not necessary, just demote them. We cannot afford to ‘just ride them out’ we are over the cap and have to become compliant, and we require another D - we need a minimum of 7 and we only have 6 at the moment. We have 15 forwards, which means we have at least one too many.
  12. I have been much too worried about our cap space. Demote a player, buy out a player and we are there without dipping into our LTIR. Do what we have to do to get in compliance. We have young players that we need to see if they can play. In addition, other teams will have injuries and depending on their expectations, some will need to pick up veteran, reliable players to fill spaces and that they can fit into their LTIR. That will create opportunities to move older veteran forwards: Sutter, Beagle, Roussel, Benn, and maybe even Pearson. Other teams that are up against the cap will have room because of LTIR - an opportunity for us to move out biggish contracts, get something in return, and transition in younger players that are pushing being ready for the big time. Hopefully, we will have a taxi squad that we can use to polish up our prospects into NHL players. Our young core should continue to improve, and we can find if a younger defender or two can find a spot - Youlevi, Rafferty, Rathbone, Chatfield and even Brisebois come to mind. At forward I expect to see MacEwen, Bailey, Michaelis, Jasek, and Lind compete early. Late in the year, maybe Tryamkin, Podkolzin, and Hoglander may be available. If we have that transition, are we still competing for a playoff spot? I think so.
  13. Finally, someone who gets it. Brown shouldn't have been able to get up after running Luongo - at least not with all of his teeth. In the game where Buttugly and the other goofball both slew-footed Luongo while cutting through the crease. The next play should have seen every Canuck on the ice doing the same thing to their goalie, plus punching the lights out of their best player. Legitimate injuries are bad enough, but deliberate acts (or anything that looks like it might be a deliberate act - in the absence of referee or league justice) should be responded to with vigilante justice. There was a reason Semenko played with Gretzky, and that Gretzky demanded that McSorley be included in the LA trade. When the league will not enforce the rules or punish players for injuries deliberately inflicted against Canadian teams, it is time for a little frontier justice.