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  1. I guess he had something to prove.
  2. I could say it’s just you, but that would only be to mess with you. Nope, all Insee is a blank box too.
  3. Green doesn’t seem to care for using D on their offside, I think because of difficulty getting up the boards on your backhand. This is the best list of NHLers I could find that mostly play opposite side. Courtesy of DoctorBreakfast:1. Nate Schmidt2. Niklas Hjalmarsson3. Ivan Provorov4. Mikhail Sergachev5. Erik Gustafsson6. T.J. Brodie7. Jordie Benn8. Alec Martinez9. Trevor Daley10. Kris Russell It doesn’t compare too well with the list that could be presented of D playing on their natural side.
  4. Left shooting defenceman on our point on the pp. Since He can stand on or with skates over the blue line to make that setup to Petey on the right sideboards, he has more room, its a tougher pass to Brock on the left half wall, especially when there is close pressure.
  5. No size? According to the Comets 2020 roster, he is 6’1”. In previous seasons in Utica, he was often used as a defensive centre (2019-20) and averaged about half a point a game and had a big + in +/-.. In 2020-2021, Utica used him primarily as an offensive centre (short of centres) and was just under a point a game with a small negative +/-. Had strong face off numbers in the AHL.
  6. Yeah, eye injury seriously affected Rafferty, as well.
  7. Send him some Conner Garland game tapes.
  8. Yeah, Fred, I’ve sure taken a lot of flack for pointing this out ever since we saw him exposed in Utica, as well. I hoped that repairing his hip and knee would cure that, but from his behaviour in pre-season on the bag skate, it was pretty clear that he just has not been working hard enough. Both Green and Benning have little patience with players like that: see Juolevi and Virtanen. If their new teams can get them to train properly, they might still have NHL careers, but most people just are what they are, and changing their external situation does nothing for their mindset. The character on their jerseys should not be a number, it should be a question mark.
  9. DiGiuseppe sure looked calm on that shootout goal, part of being a ver, I suppose.
  10. He looked very calm for a guy in his first pro game, even more so in the OT and shoot out.
  11. A lot of European wingers play the opposite side to their stick handedness - they are playing on the wider ice and it helps to get a better angle for their shot. Plenty of North American wingers do this too, as they are able to protect the puck better on their off wing when driving the net, but it is easier to get out of your own zone on your natural side. However, in the modern game, wingers often switch side on the attack and end up covering initially on their offside as they recover to their own zone.
  12. Lockwood has a history of shoulder problems, and got thrown down on his shoulder. I’ve had separated shoulders three times from exactly that. He was almost invisible in the game today, I sure hope he is not hurt.
  13. Four on one and then attack a young woman? Gutless cowards whose courage only comes from being a member of a mob. Sadly, sports contains a lot of tribalism, and people do things in mobs they wouldn’t dare do on their own.
  14. The good: a lot of guys get their first The bad: Pettersson gets slashed and whacked on his breakaway and no call The ugly: Podkolzin gets benched for scoring and thinks he’s back in Russia. That’ll teach him, Russia’s not the only place that knows the meaning of... Green’s Gulag.
  15. I think Lockwood is more like Grabner than Motte. He will be doing pk in Abby, which is what will bring him back to the Canucks.
  16. I’m more concerned about Lind playing on the fourth - is he a Seattle secret agent?
  17. OEL and Poolman look strong. I thought both of Rathbone and Juolevi played well. But I liked the whole Gadjovich, Lockwood, Wouters line looked very good. Dipietro was very strong. Loved the physical presence of Gadjovich, Lockwood, MacEwen and Woo.
  18. Hopefully, he is much more successful than the cat chasing the red dot.
  19. We don’t have cap space for a top pair right D.
  20. Very apt references to Snepsts and Strudwick (and add Murzyn to that group). That lack of lateral mobility for Juolevi is combined with his difficulty with pivots to the left. That weakness on his pivot when trying to prevent being walked around the outside leads to Juolevi not pressuring anywhere near as much as Rathbone at the blue line. But Juolevi does bring positives: he makes strong outlet passes, he can defend the pk, he is very good in the offensive zone, and is faster than he appears in a straight line, and is agile going forward. Now, it could also be that Juolevi has been improving the fitness of his knee and hip, and that may help to overcome his deficiencies - this may be the first summer he has spent in a long time not just rehabbing from one injury or another. When he was fit playing at the world juniors, he looked damned good, and pretty damned good in the Finnish league after that. If we can afford to keep both Rathbone and Juolevi, we may be able to bring them both along. If either can reach middle pairing status on the left, will Ekman-Larsson be tradeable?
  21. Another thing is that Lockwood will put huge pressure on third and fourth liners who make the mistake of thinking their job is locked down. No more Virtanen’s! On D, even with Juolevi being subject to waivers, Rathbone will push the bottom four D to earn a spot. From watching both in Utica, Rathbone is the better defender on either side of the puck, but he does not have Juolevi’s size, and with Hughes already struggling defensively on the left side, another smallish D may be problematic for Green.
  22. Iggy earned his moniker, the professor, by being a great student of the game. Even at just 5’9’ 170, he was an outstanding defensive player and setup man. Now, he is a coach of the Russian junior nationals, and Podkolzin is the player whom he chooses to be his captain. That’s a lot for the kid to live up to - living up to the Messier comparison, especially in Messier’s prime, is to compare him to one of the best players ever in the game. It will be good to remember that even Messier was only 12-23-35 in 75 games in his rookie year - just in case Podkolzin takes a year to adjust. I’ll keep my expectations on the low side: give him a chance to be a pleasant surprise - at least for me.
  23. I think he should be given the chance to EARN a job on the Canucks. He is an outstanding offensive talent - 9 points in 7 games in the AHL at the end of a season where he had not played, being on the Canucks taxi squad. Yet he came out and played well when assigned to the AHL. He is more fluid in lateral movement than any other Canuck defenceman. He is also adept at anticipating opportunities to jump up to close down opponent wingers receiving passes from their own D - pretty much all other Canuck D back off and yield the blue line to attackers. He attacks them just when they are focused on receiving passes from behind. Can he do this to NHL players, too? We may get to see - if he gets the opportunity - Juolevi may have the edge there because of his contract - Rathbone can be sent down exempt from waivers if the Canucks decide to only keep 7 defenders and fourteen forwards, rather than eight and thirteen.
  24. Yes, I was quoting an image of an Aristophanes quote at the bottom of his comment.
  25. Love the Aristophanes quote, seems the argument against collectivism goes back much further than I knew. Interesting how each version requires the enslavement o& the able.
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