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  1. yo, you got another link you can PM me for that Technicolor Canucks vid where I can DL it from? PS. I got MAAAD numbers from Young'ns during summer school. Bitches Love the M3!

  2. Omgah he accepted my facebook friend invite :D
  3. Oh dw, I'll make sure I drive by some universities too.

  4. LOL @ Mega. Don't sweat it Kurupt. Post secondary man.

  5. that's the plan man, who needs

    post-secondary school

  6. I see that you're going to miss high school. Dont sweat it. Just cruise by in your mom's car and hit on the 15 year olds. They'll think you're cool. I'm 30 and still do that!

  7. Not much, just got off work.

  8. yeh was bored thought i'd look around CDC, didn't know people used the chat on here

  9. goooood man.... get nhl 11 and fix your online plz :)

  10. Sharma, what's with you creepin' my profile all silently?! Leave a message, brah.

    Cheers Shwarma!

  11. How goes it?

  12. What the heck Kurupt...i totally thought you were on the list!!

    How the heck are you , old friend?!

    Miss those games.


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