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  1. Guys I’m sorry I am physically unable to read these posts I have to pull out from the game. To read one line takes about 2 minutes and it really strains my eyes. I really wish I could have stuck this one out but even posting is tricky right now. @Blue Jay 22 thanks so much for hosting of you able to sub me out great, if not I am very sorry man but I love the game theme. Way resurrecting CDC mafia hopefully there will be more when I am feeling better. FWIW the couple of posts I made it through were Toews and I think there is a solid chance that he be scum. legacy reads: Tanev, Fetch and Toews. Love you guys, have fun and be good.
  2. Hey guys I am having issues with being able to read the thread because I am having a migraine. First time I’ve ever had one so now I can relate to those that get them. I hope that it passes today but I know for some people they can last days. If that is the case I will probably need to be subbed out.
  3. Yah they force you to book 1/2 or full day because of “Covid” so it’s even more right now.
  4. Well I have already declared for Primae Noctis so I guess I can after that.
  5. Tigh-na-Mara, but evidently trying to get the massage girls to give you a happy ending is frowned upon there. So 3 and 1/2 stars at best from me.
  6. LL and NIK lovers again. I hear you will be officiating their bromance ceremony.
  7. Maybe they simply don’t care, not every space faring civilization is going to adhere to the Prime Directive, but no doubt some sightings have been of military tech.
  8. I am pretty sure he is meaning in general, not just for BK. NIK is weeely weeely sawwie LL he told me how much he loves you and misses you. He wishes things could be like they used to be like when you would whisper sweet nothings in his ear and tell him you wanted to give him the world. He wants to be your little spoon again man, he only feels safe in your arms.
  9. I think he is referring to you ignoring NIK but I’m not sure.
  10. Fetch you shouldn’t have told him to pretend to be Vanilla in mafia PM.
  11. The problem is with him KNOWING what VT stands for as this is his first game. No where does BJ say Vanilla town.
  12. You’re posting like someone who is trying to type at a keyboard with some fat dude’s hairy, sweaty balls teabagging your chin. Not that I would know what that’s like of course.
  13. Alright he’s got you posting like a grizzled vet within your first 10 posts, well done.
  14. So my question then becomes how do you know and know when to use the term WIFOM?
  15. Fetchy was obviously joking about it, plausibility aside there is no way fetch has that role.
  16. We just exchange pre-signed Rx pads and use various pills for chips in poker games.
  17. Self quoting for extra rep is definitely a scum move.
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