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  1. NHLPA would never allow that even if for some odd reason the players would agree to it.
  2. Every fan base hates every other fan base. Every teams fans whine about the reffing stop being such a self-depreciating fan cause that’s by far the worst ffs.
  3. I can agree to Makar being better. I think the only sticking point is the much part in my mind.
  4. Hughes being on a $&!#tier team makes him not as good as Hughes on the best team in the league. Makar being on the best team in the league makes him better than Makar on a bottom feeder team struck with Covid19.
  5. Swap Makar and Hughes' teams this year and for sure you would be singing a different tune. Makar is not the defensive stalwart you make him out to be. A lot of the errors made by Colorado to close out their playoffs were directly a result of his missed assignments, or being out of position, or him trying to do too much. All the same knocks against Hughes. You make it sound like Makar is leaps and bounds ahead of Hughes but you do need to factor in the team and an extra year of development and still Makar was making those mistakes. Making those mistakes consistently on a team where
  6. How come being on an inferior team excuses away Dahlin's shortcomings but Hughes' defensive woes are all on him? Dahlin being dragged down by buffalo but Hughes dragging down Vancouver? Wut?
  7. Canucks have a lot of 1st thru 3rd round picks on the team.
  8. Then we should sign Emil and draft Luke cause with Vin the only thing that matters is family.
  9. They will retroactively implement the change if the Canucks win.
  10. I am willing to file this under plausible and now I am extra curious to see what happens this off-season. A lot can be said about you on CDC but you never fail to make things interesting my man!
  11. @Alain Vigneault at least DM me the info if you don’t want to post it publicly, come on man I have to know.
  12. Well give us more information about your acquisition of this knowledge man. If it turns out true that would be one for the ages.
  13. Lol are you confusing your fantasy hockey with reality again? What sort of insider information could you possibly have that would make your post have even a shred of credibility? You’re saying the Canucks and EP are just going to mutually terminate his RFA status? Why would the Canucks do that? Is it cause you searched “Canucks” using Bing and it said EP was a former player? I did that too and all I learned was not to ever use Bing again.
  14. Do you not get that the separation between top tier teams and bottom feeders is not as much as you think it is? Barry Trotz was quoted saying the difference between a presidents trophy team and missing the playoff is like 1 extra loss a month. Benning is not a train wreck, Benning has made mistakes as all GMs do. Is he the best GM? No but he is far from the worst and firing him and getting a new GM by no means guarantees that his successor is going to do things better. Infact often we see new GMs make rash moves to put “their stamp” on the team. Let him draft well like he h
  15. I think Canadiens win the first game riding momentum then lose the next 4. Jets in 5.
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