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  1. Part of this really is NJ drafting Hughes because I wouldn’t want Quinn to want to leave and head to NJ when he’s a UFA. Also could attract jack at some point. Also I think it’s a good bet that Luke will develop well based on his family.
  2. I think it would be wise for Vancouver to see what it would take to get #3 overall to draft Luke Hughes. He’s a great player at the position we need and of course he’s at the position we need most. There’s the obvious connection with Quinn Hughes and if we don’t draft him there’s a good chance NJ will draft him to play with jack hughes in NJ. If NJ drafts him Quinn May one day want to play with his brothers and leave Vancouver. I’d rather the Canucks be in a position to have jack join his brothers in Vancouver. I’m not sure what it would take, what do you guys think?
  3. We could I’d rather leave Myers exposed and hope Seattle takes him. He’s solid but for 6 million we could do better. Also I think even at this age Edler is better than Myers and he may sign a fair amount cheaper this time due to the flat cap, his age and to stay in Vancouver.
  4. Gaudette, Rafferty and 2 or 3 for ekholm. ekhold is 30 which isn’t ideal but his cap hit(3.75)and position(D) are. With our cap restraints a high impact low cap hot player is ideal. We can recoup the pick by trading Pearson who we won’t have cap space to sign. This also puts pressure on Edler to sign for a hometown discount. id protect Schmidt ekholm and Juolevi in the expansion draft and expose Myers. I’m not a Myers hater but in this flat cap environment we could easily replace him with a better D for his 6 million or use that money else where.
  5. Canucks should not be interested in any UFAs which costs assets and then cannot re-sign due to cap space. Much like Toffoli although I still think he could have been signed. not a rebuild just a pause until the 2022 offseason. Canucks should trade Pearson get a solid pick or two because I don’t see how they can resign him due to Hughes and Petey and podkolzin can take his roster spot.
  6. Once Henrique clears waivers(which he will): henrique (50% retained) for Virtanen ? Henrique is a pretty solid faceoff guy and solid defensively, once Sutter leaves for cap space the Canucks would Probly prefer him to Gaudette as our 3rd line center. In order to sign Hughes and Petey they Would have to let Baertschi, Sutter, Benn and 1 of Pearson or Edler all go and maybe Gaudette for picks or prospects but I think they could fit in Henrique at 50% retained basically taking jakes spot. although he would still cost about 350k more than JV.
  7. Nylander would be a huge mistake and it’s not just because he’s soft. If you added Sutter or Pearson to Virtanen to land him it may work cap wise this year (maybe not because Vancouver would have to call up an extra player) but chances are the Canucks are letting both Sutter and Pearson walk in the off season to sign Hughes and Petey. I don’t think they could manage it with nylander on the books especially because you need to re-sign Edler or at least replace him on D.
  8. I know the Canucks aren’t rumored to get Dubois but if he did come here I’d like to see: miller Dubois Petterson Pearson Horvat Boeser bottom 6 overpaid has beens + Gaudette
  9. I was thinking similar but you’d have to add Eriksson for cap reasons. Eriksson is owed a lot less money than his cap hit so it could be doable. something like: Eriksson, Virtanen, podkolzin or Hoglander plus a first. Maybe a 2nd too
  10. the jury is still out on this player but he's a great interview!
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