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  1. You're a smarter man than me. I bought at around 2.50 and sold at 3.40. Then it just skyrocketed which made me weary to re buy. This is one that will haunt me for years to come.
  2. Ah OK. My bad. I wasn't aware of it working on the standard ps4. I was comparing the ps4 pro cost + psvr, which would run about $1100. I'd rather buy a vive, then buy or a upgrade a pc for the extra money when comparing those 2 options. But if you've already got a ps4 and are just looking to a basic vr experience, you're right. That's a more feasible option for most.
  3. Yeah, I never really expected an upgraded version of the ps4 to come out. I figured it was future proofed enough to last until the next generation. Ah well. I guess things like this keep evolving faster than we anticipate. I'd sooner buy a vive and build a vr rig before I toss my current ps4 (which works perfectly fine), just to buy a ps4 pro + psvr and still have it pale in comparison to a pc vr experience.
  4. I had a crush on a girl I'd never met but lived in my city. Innocent enough. A year later I randomly met her during a work function, totally unexpected. She didn't even work at my company. Never thought I'd meet her in person. She actually ended up texting me later that day (got my number via a business card), and asked me out for a drink I had to inform her that I was getting married later that month.
  5. Just out of curiosity, what would a sleeve with that kind of detail run you? I've thought about doing a black/grey detailed sleeve, but I just can't justify spending what I assume is probably 4-6000 on such a thing.
  6. Ah ok. I figured there had to be a reason. No way could I have been the first one to spot such a typo.
  7. After forming a relatively uninformed opinion of you (based on your brief description), you sound like an un-motivated, procrastinating, shy, introvert who probably has some self esteem issues and lacks ambition. I honestly mean that in the nicest way possible. While none of these characteristics, individually - make you un-dateable, as a package they certainly don't help. While some of these traits may be hardwired into your personality (some people are naturally introverted - and that's ok), other traits can be changed. It sounds like you may have some work to do. Having undesira
  8. Yeah I like those. The first one especially. The addition of Thomas the train was pretty fitting. I always find it funny when something so random and simple fits together perfectly with a song. I've always been a sucker for chill/dark hip hop/electronic beats. I could listen to it all day. Sometimes I do actually.
  9. Oh man... I just finished watching the ppv this morning. I knew Conor had some serious holes in his game, specifically his striking defense, but I really didn't expect Diaz to be the one to expose it. I figured RDA probably would though. Good on Diaz though. It was nice to see one of those guys finally have their day. The fallout from this will be long term and absolutely hilarious.
  10. Not sure if many of you guys are using, or have tried to use, the ps4 media player to stream content. I tried it out at launch and couldn't get it to work. I finally took some time tonight and played around with it again. After messing around with it, I got it to kind of start working. Ran into issues where it would read a file, then I would exit out and re-try, and it would no longer read the file. I'd have to close the application and re open to get it to play again. I also ran into issues with it only playing some mkv files, or playing the video but not the audio.. I guess it only accepts c
  11. I felt it for a good 1.5 seconds. Did it last longer for others or something? I'm not understanding the hype around this thing. It would take at least a 15 second earthquake for me to even think about updating my Facebook status about it.
  12. Once you put margarine in your hair I'm pretty sure it's dun.
  13. I'll start out by saying that I'm a huge Sonnen fan. I loved what he did for the sport and how he built himself into arguably one of the biggest draws in the ufc. But Sonnen was doping, and has pretty much - in his Sonnen way of speak, admitted to as much. He's failed 3 drug tests over his career. When someone refuses to take a drug test, there's usually a reason... and it's probably not a good one. All that being said, I don't blame him. It's pretty widely accepted that most fighters are probably on something at some point during training.... and if you look at Sonnen's weight class in
  14. Weird fight. Pretty anti climactic. I'd like to see a rematch if Aldo gets another win, hopefully sooner rather than later. It had all the makings of an exciting fight.
  15. Sucks to be this guy.... http://www.marketwatch.com/story/help-my-short-position-got-crushed-and-now-i-owe-e-trade-10644556-2015-11-19?mod=MW_story_latest_news&link=sfmw_fb
  16. She totally bought into her own hype. She probably needs to reevaluate a lot of aspects of her life/career now. Learn from Gsp. I sure enjoyed watching holly smash ronda with a foot full of humble pie though.
  17. I made about 30% on CGC after holding it for a few weeks. They all took a pretty significant tumble last week though, luckily I had a stop loss in place. They still seem to be slowly dropping with volume way down. I going to give it another week or two and I might buy in again.
  18. Cute dogs! Love the shot of the chihuahua. You can tell he likes to party.
  19. Old song... but great. Creepy video to go with a creepy song about a real life serial killing couple in the UK.
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