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  1. And so long as it's healrh related it should apply equally to any person. Any medical issue is between a doctor and a patient and they questions around the "why" are off limits in my opinion Reason - answering the "why" discloses a diagnoses. Teams are only mandated to disclose injury status and nothing more. The details provided are generally very limited not only to hide it from other teams but to protect the players privacy For any player if abd when an absence is no longer medically supported and a team suspends them ...... that's the only point at which we would have the right to know rhe "why" in my opinion For mental health and addictions just getting someone to open up and seek help is dam near impossible....... if there is any concern over it going public it will keep people from opening up. I agree with the canucks response on.hamonic ...... none of our business at this point
  2. Agreed .... and if part of his journey has him self disclose he would be an excellent role model for seeking help no matter what the health issue is. I just cringe at tge media race to find out the why.
  3. I hope his camp doesn't make a statement as quite frankly it's none of anyone's business as to what the issue is. I'm glad he is receiving help and wish well and privacy as he makes that journey.
  4. You simply need to look at who over the next 3 years is up for renewal ands it's clear that between 2 -3 of our core assets we deem nottouchable today will be gone by the end of next season. We can only have so many contracts paying the top averages in the salary cap world If players sign cap friendly deals a team can use the savings to build up the team around them. If not we get into the situation of a few stars with next 5o no supporting cast .... forever rolling the dice on reclamation projects. Don't get me wrong as I want both Pete and Quinn to remain canucks but it's clear at this point that the cost of doing so will have us back in a rebuild mode in 3 years as we trade away key players for picks and rookies for cap reasons It is what it is and the next 2 to 3 years must be treated as our window of opportunity and go all in. Getting back to the cup even if we don't win would go a long way to having players want to be here and want to leave enough $$$ to ensure all the parts remain intact
  5. At this point the entire argument is moot. Various levels of vaccine / negative tests are happening North American wide ( globally actually). Each day brings a new list in Canada of new occupations that have mandated vaccines and as the numbers rise that trend will continue. No amount of social networking doctors and researchers are going to change that and given that nearly 80 % of our population meets those requirements now it's unlikely the remaining have enough clought to force anyone to change directions It's time to accept that for a few months if you want to do things non essential in public you will require the vaccine. If you choose...which is your right .... to say no then accept the consequences of that choice and enjoy games at home on the telly and using skip the dishes for your restaurant food. The only other viable.option is complete shutdown and business can't survive that. Everyone needs to do their part For vaccinated shop local, choose a few new restaurants and local mom and pop stores. Go to games For those who can't or do not wish to be vaccinated.... don't go where you know your not permitted to go off on the poor employee simply doing their job. Feel free to call your politicians. Shop local stores that deliver and continue to do your part Cheer your team and use ticket money to purchase nice new gear from the team store. It's not that hard
  6. The anti vax crowd absolutely has rights and freedom of choice. They are free to refuse and exercise their rights to watch games at home where they can do as they please. what they do NOT have the right to do at this point is put the responsibility of consequences for their choices on others. The minute they go unvaxxed into public they are stripping our rights from us forgiving us to risk being the consequences of their choices. I do believe the very very few with legitimate medically supported reasons for not being vaccinated should be excluded however for everyone else it’s not about personal choice and those who choose no should be the ones facing the natural consequences of their decisions and not everyone else. they scream about their freedoms and trample the majorities as if you and I never had any. Good on the Canucks for going this route if they follow through. And for the record I don’t have a problem with anti vaxxers who are isolating and not putting others at risk .. that’s your right and your exercising it responsibly.
  7. That was last year while under contract - As an RFA waiting to get a deal done they will listen more so -
  8. I don’t see this as a bad thing ( his comments ) He wants to win as do all the other players. Problem is some of the moves by Canucks brass the last few years have been counter to that objective as seen in some of the results. We as fans can scream as loud as we want and Canucks brass won’t change who they sign or any staff to meet that demand. Pety on the other hand …. They will listen He did not say he doesn’t want to be here. What he said is clear that he wants to be a Canucks but also on a winning team that competes regularly. Happy to see Pety making “make and keep the Canucks contenders” part of his negotiations.
  9. Saskatoon has had their heartbreak with the NHL before.Early 80’s the blues were rumoured to be moved to Saskatoon….. poor bill hunter and it never came to pass saskatoon so ticked off the nhl they sadly will never get Ann he team at any price
  10. The hit to the head was going to occur goal or no goal. And the hit was rightfully so a major. Had the canadian player not have been injured a 5 and or fine would suffice With the injury tge severity should dictate the discipline ..... but it won't. My bet is 5k fine is all
  11. Please elaborate on how that is a hockey play.? Clean record or not that was clearly an act of frustration and intentional. I don't belive he intended to do the actual harm just like Bertuzzi didn't intend on the injury to Moore. It's fine to argue this is a first offense and that you feel it's not as dirty as reeves hit but I am really keen to understand how you give it merit as a hockey play
  12. This is Bettmens new NHL ...... expect more of this ..... not less
  13. The Canucks really are limited in how aggressive they can actually be this off season. deciding who if anyone to buy out isn’t an aggressive move ... just cap management. Outside of our core players few if any of our other players have market value beyond lateral swaps. In my view the only tradable assets we have that would return a proven commodity is podz or this years first. Our cap space will limit which ufa’s we can go after. Clearly what’s on the table for he best return is ether Podz or this years first. One of those is the best trade piece we have and just for me personally I believe we have enough young offensive talent and see Podz fitting in well. If we some how end up moving up in the draft and grabbing one of the few stud defence men then I would prefer they keep the pick .... if not move this years first for a top 4 dman would be on my wish list. the spare parts UFA’s are important as is landing on who the backup goalie is next season ..... but the most glaring issue is another top 4 dman and I’m hoping that’s the focus this off season
  14. Somehow the prospect of Edmonton being sweeped in the first round lessens the sting of the canucks season Our consolation prize is a lottery draft pick .... Oilers get a thanks for making the playoff ribbon lol
  15. I wouldn’t want to see anyone go roughrider on the staff and have a truck load of manure dumped on their lawn .... as a rider fan even the most angry of fans agreed that crossed a line lol but your correct that impact at the cash registers that costs money or impacts brand ( advertisers leaving ) is the only thing that ever impacts most sport team owners and in many cases the harshest critics are the biggest fans ..... think hockey moms who scream loudly at their kids to play harder but will scream the loudest if anyone touches them people getting too hung up on thinking criticism weakens the team, stuff like flying that banner , dumping loads of manure or news media being that voice have impact, players may not even know this forum exists ..... they do however watch the news
  16. The fans flying the fire Benning banner was too much and crossed a line for anyone claiming to be a fan But I think it needs to be made clear that Canuck players and team ownership are not on this forum and not one player looses sleep over what a fan posts here. Canuck management are not making decisions based on posters here and nor are they planning team decisions or recruiting staff on this forum. posters may be critical , wrong , right , funny or supportive but certainly not destructive or even constructive beyond creating or disrupting forum harmony among ourselves This isn’t meant to criticize your post but simply using it to make the point that this forum has no where near the power or impact on the Canucks team that some posters are implying
  17. The last few pieces left are the drafts ( both regular and expansion ) , free agency and the team decision on moving or buying out any one. the rest has already been decided and Locked in. next season isn’t too far off and if th oilers completely crap the bed again who knows what trade bait opportunities will arise !!! Toronto as well and just like the fire Benning / Green at all costs group ....the other side of the story with the creepy bro love for the owners and Benning \ Green is getting awkward, some of these posts best fit into WWF or Harlequin Bromance novels. I want change but not just change for the sake of change. I want them to identify what they see as being the problem ( it’s not covid .... that was a factor but not the cause ) ... and begin fixing that
  18. Or ....now hear me out ... Do you love the staff that work there and because of them keep going back and push the owners of said restaurant to fix the few pieces that are not working to make it better for you and those staff?
  19. Just saw the clip .... accidental hit for sure but yah .... that did not look good. Looks like he nearly passed out when he tried to get up. Hope he is ok
  20. Reading comprehension fail? Get off your high horse lol. Debating and discussing an issue is one thing .... you want to piss on someone replying to your quote attest let them know your not interested in discussing
  21. No team wins the cup with only parts they draft in the salary cap age. We need a few decent UFA’s who not only want to be here but contribute. That and while we build through the draft we need to keep that group together ( those players need to want to sign bridge deals to help the team ). Teams in the cap age don’t get to draft high picks for 10 years and keep that group together .... as they grow it forces teams to trade some players they would rather keep but in order to afford the top stars some thought decisions are made UFA ‘s are not just support roles and to fill holes. Maybe pre cap but not now in my opinion
  22. My concern is disenfranchised players wanting out. Hope we don’t find us forced to trade any of the core
  23. It is what it is..I just hope we don't see any key players letting it be known they would welcome a trade. Something is clearly broken and I had hoped.they would ateast acknowledge that and provide a road map going forward of how they will address that. I get it for drafting the core of this team Benning gets a pass on some bad Ufa deals ( the good outweighs the bad)..if no changes at all are made.the only thing we can assume is the fault is placed on.the cap crunch from a.fee.bad signings.and until those contracts clear.so we can afford decent Ufa signings .... this is what we have..top 10 this year and likely next year again before it turns around then
  24. I agree changes are needed but disagree that the owners owe anyone an explanation. I’m not a fan of making changes just for the sake of making change. That never goes well in sports All but the blind can clearly see something is broken with this team. Is it a player or players that are the cause ? Maybe a coach or is it the GM? Firing or trading the person/s who are not the problem will do more damage then doing nothing. What I feel the owners owe fans is to acknowledge the obvious ..... something needs fixing and that they are taking steps do fix that before puck drop next season Maybe the owners have been the problem and the fix behind the scene is for gem to stop micromanaging people and let them do their job ? What I do know for sure is something is broken and I strongly doubt anyone in this forum has the expertise to be able to clearly state what the problem is. The solution may be as simple as letting people do their jobs to trading away or for one player ... All I want as a fan is to hear the owners say yup “we are getting to the root of it and will sort it out ASAP” ..... that’s it. Don’t think we get the right to tell any company how to run their own business ..... we just get to judge the outcome
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