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  4. thanks for the profile view.

    .. and ur welcome ...

  5. yepp, the real world :)

    so hows school so far?

  6. thanks for the profile view

  7. oh i'm not in school anymore :)

    have fun aha :P

  8. haha that sucks :P

    what grade?

  9. you were ;)


  10. thx for stalkin my profile..



  12. wow yer young O_o

  13. Hey guys, i lost the link for that eLibrary page and the login information.. Would somebody please pm it to me or reply in this thread or something? Thank you
  14. ohh you're female.... now i know what kind of um.. "stuff" you've been busy with lately ;P

  15. profile stalker.

  16. lol "stuff" eh?

    and that's ok, i guess, i think I'll forgive ya.. I'll think about it :P

  17. eyyyyyy. . . wasup?

  18. hey hey hey!! you came to my profile again, without posting something.. c'mon, say somethin..

  19. wow that was so long ago when i made that haha.. But no, I don't usually make 'em anymore, i uninstalled Photoshop..

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