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  1. Im impressed we can say asshole on CDC. My day is made.
  2. Eriksson is playing on what is essentially a 3rd line now anyways. The top 3 lines are somewhat interchangeable and can be mixed and matched.
  3. You may have said this before the season started but the majority didn't like his attitude last year and realized it was time to move on. Hindsight is always 20/20 but with 5 goals in his last 8 he looks like the player we thought he was. And he is not playing with first liners. Maybe he can help carry a line on his own and get away from the top checkers. Also, with the top end players making 9-10 million a guy who can pot 30 goals on a good team will probably get 23-25 on a bad team and is worth the 6m. That's the market when 29 other teams might be bidding. I see
  4. First off, who cares about 6 years from now. If that's you're worry you need meds. Second, the contract was structured so that it's appetizing for a cap floor team in the back end of the contract. It's not THAT big of a deal for a guy of his calibre. I think the Canucks got the best fit for their team and for a reasonable cap hit. 6 mill ain't what it used to be....
  5. Adding Guddy and hopefully a bigger Vrtanen to next year's lineup makes me hope we go for some more goal scoring skill. Who else is left besides Boedker ?
  6. I'd say Eriksson has a much more solid reputation than Vrbata and deserves some benefit of the doubt. This is a much better player.
  7. I really like this dea. I agree that he will most likely age well as he has shown to have a solid two way game. If think this is a better team now than two years ago when we made the playoffs. Maybe rebuild on the fly CAN work?
  8. Why doesn't Lu just play better than the other goalie? Problem solved... Why does it always have to be broken down so deep. He is the one who asked for a trade to start this mess. So what if he lost his spot? Play better than the other goalie and win it back....simple. End thread.
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