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  1. It doesn't help that Petey drops so low that the angle is nearly impossible to put into his wheelhouse.
  2. All these years everybody has just been really considerate of other peoples' wellbeings at the games. Who woulda thunk...
  3. Hoglander has actually had a pretty rough game, but he's still making things happen. If this kid could somehow learn to finish he'd be an absolute stud.
  4. He botched a two on one lol. Had that have been Petey people would have their whips out lol. He's gonna have a great game but he'd like that shift back haha
  5. Bailey plays on the pk in Abby/Utica as well. As for the powerplay we still have plenty of players that can fill that role on the 2nd line.
  6. I think you're exactly right. That's how I'm interpreting it too, but with our lacklustre 4th line he still should have been in the lineup and not have been risked on the waiver wire.
  7. He should have been with the team from the start. Glad they're not taking forever to get him back up. He should be a shoo in for the 4th line along with Motte.
  8. If I'm Green I'm getting him to shoot everything. Last game was his worst game in his young NHL career and he's clearly just in his head too much. Gotta force the kid to shoot and once a couple go in he can get out of it. Tell him if he passes too much on the powerplay he's off the unit. Between Hughes, Miller and Petey they kill half a powerplay just passing to each other alone without even moving to open up ice.
  9. I'm going to put it this way... Ever see a player have a shooting % of like 22 and everybody goes, "Wow this guy is elite!" and then as the season wears on people realize that his shooting % was just really high and that all of the other elements of his game weren't enough to carry exceptional play once those shooting %'s returned to normal? That's basically this team. A lot of us can see the writing on the wall and we're being realistic about it. The team's expectations partway through the summer were to make the playoffs, and to a lot of people, on paper this team should have had a relatively easy time doing that (barring defense, which seems to be good as OEL and Poolman look good which were the big question marks). However, just because you have good players on paper and guys capable of scoring, doesn't mean that your team is going to find consistent success. To be consistent you need a whole bunch of things, such as good overall team work ethic, good coaching, good systems, good skill, a good forecheck, etc. We lack a lot of things on that list and a lot of it really isn't due to personnel, it's due to coaching, the lines we deploy and how we utilize those players. People are blinded by this road trip being "good" because of all of the circumstances, but in reality we faced a lot of weak teams. We should have had a good road trip. We faced the bottom of the barrel, except for Edmonton (in which we played quite well in my opinion). Detroit, Seattle, Buffalo and Philly suck. Let's just call a spade a spade. Regardless of whether or not it's their home openers, those teams suck and the level of talent on those teams is far inferior to this team. I was one of the very very few who called Green a poor coach in his first season here, and slowly but surely people finally started to come around. I'm criticized for being negative, but the truth is this team has a lot of negatives (largely due to coaching) and for me personally, I'm fed up with Green as a coach. This team should be better. We're not short on hard working players, yet our team is consistently out-worked. We're not short on guys who can put the puck in the net, yet we are very average for scoring. We're not short on high-end talent that should easily be one of the top powerplays in the league, but our powerplay is pathetic to watch. And I really don't think it's a player problem. I think the only problem with the players is that they're buying into an awful coach's vision of how hockey should be played. If you watch a lot of other teams around the league you see a lot of creative plays, fun hockey to watch, back and forth action, etc. This team has looked the exact same since 2015 and there has been a lot of changes to the players. For a team that has this many potentially exciting players, the brand of hockey that gets put out consistently doesn't show it. How often does this team dominate? It's pretty rare. Our most dominant player tends to be our goaltender because the team itself tends to have a lot of horrible periods where they go ten minute stretches without a shot all of the time or extended shifts for where our defense can't get off the ice. How? They've got so many guys that can forecheck so well on this team, we should be more in control on a consistent basis but the team sacrifices for the sake of Travis Green defense. I'm tired of this team being so passive. It's like we're coaching a Buffalo or Detroit. We shouldn't have to resort to surviving in games to win. When is this team going to blow out another team? Why are these games so rare? We're constantly contending in 1-2 goal games. The team had 4 games last season where they won by 4 goals or more. They lost by 4 goals or more 10 times. Now yes, bad season. But regardless, that's nearly a 5th of the games. And the reason it's like that is because of how reliant this team is on exceptional goaltending. Without Demko or Markstrom, Green would be laughed out of the league. They're single-handedly the only reason why he has a job still. This team is getting elite level goaltending and it's getting squandered.
  10. It means he took most of the game off but was fortunate to land on the stat sheet.
  11. I give Bo every praise in the world when he plays to how he should. After game one I was raving about his play. The guy could be a first line center if he wanted but he doesn't bring the compete as often as he should. Before Petey came Bo was an unbelievably good player, but just super snake bitten. I just expect him to out in those efforts again, just like I expect Miller to put in the effort of his first season here too. If these guys brought their top games consistently this team would be a playoff contender but they don't bring their motor for most of the games they play despite having the ability to do so. I don't discredit Bo, I expect more out of him because he can be phenomenal. See: game 1.
  12. People giving Bo way too much credit this game. He showed up when it mattered and that's about the only time you saw him. Nice first goal, a gift wrapped second goal. The hard work is clearly being done by guys like Garland, Hoglander, Hughes, Poolman, OEL and Demko. We have some guys who are very capable of scoring but not capable of driving the bus and I think that's what is gonna hurt this team in the long run. Guys like Garland is who every GM should be looking to acquire. Hyman is doing the same thing in Edmonton right now and that's a great pickup as well. I still want to see Hoglander and Garland play more together but the other lines have way too many passengers. Dickinson deserves more ice time. Demko stole one tonight. Shades of Markstrom. Just so many guys not willing to move their skates when it matters. God the coaching sucks hahaha
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