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  1. I wouldn't judge based solely on draft position, nor would I judge Benning's word on what he thinks about the kid. They're gonna hype him up, just like they did Juolevi. I disagree with his engine being as high as Hoglander's (one can dream I'm wrong on this assessment though!). We shall see! I hope I'm wrong in that the kid will need a few years, but I've had a good run of track record for judging potential of these kids, so it'll be interesting if I've nabbed this one right! But let's hope he matches some of your expectations, because if he does that big d*ck pick that Benning made (
  2. He looks so grown up here! I thought he'd stay a baby face!
  3. Everybody is placing such high hopes on this kid. I still think it's wise to temper expectations before we all assume he'll reach most of his potential the moment he steps on the ice for us. We can dream he's going to have an engine like Motte and Hoglander and hands like Petey on a consistent basis but I think it's gonna take time for him. I fear because everybody is banking on this player that he's going to be the whipping boy the moment it doesn't pan out the way they had imagined. The kid will be good but I anticipate he'll need a few years. He has the potential to be
  4. Interesting to see how many more games in comparison to certain parts of the season were. The biggest thing I thought was interesting was the back to backs. I think those were the killer.
  5. I wish I had that kind of optimism. Or drugs. Whatever you're high on lol
  6. I understand the reasons, but getting them to accept that is another story. It's a pipe dream. These kids are putting up great numbers and they're well before their prime. But in a world where hockey players typically take money over a chance at the cup, good luck getting them to accept a contract at 70% of what they can make on the open market. You gotta luck out and get loyalty from them.
  7. Anybody thinking these guys will sign for 6 is out of their minds. Hughes has a small chance but he'd have to intentionally take a cut for the team. He has all the power in these negotiations. I'd be over the moon if Petey wanted the team to be competitive and sign for 7 but realistically he's worth up to 8.5. Hughes I anticipate will make 7. I can only wish Petey signs for 7 and Hughes for 6. That'd really show where their heads are at in terms of trying to win a cup.
  8. I disagree with this. Even canuck2288 or whatever his username is says positive things about Green when he does good things (like calling a timeout for example). People pretend as if posters like him don't want the team to do well.
  9. https://public.tableau.com/profile/corey.sznajder#!/vizhome/testthisisatest/PlayingStyles You have to scroll over to team zone entries. One of the bottom teams in the league in carry %. Not to mention were even below average for creating chances off the forecheck, and for a team that doesn't carry the puck in, that's gonna hurt your team significantly. So again, this backs up claims from some of those "anti-Green" posters who talk about how the team plays the dump and chase and doesn't even employ an effective forecheck.
  10. Yeah but that's the problem. Often times when we're seeing a team stack zero defense at the line we still dump it in, which is why the team struggles on entries. A good team will take that inch if given majority of the time. Our team rarely does. This team can't even form an NHL level odd-man rush formation to save their lives. Most of the time they play a 3 on 2 in a straight line offensively (something you're coached out of when you're ten years old). The amount of times this team opts to dump it in rather than carry it in when their defense has backed off is startl
  11. You're taking the piss on semantics though. Of course there's multiple systems that generate how a team plays, but at the end of the day pretending the team doesn't employ the dump and chase is an absurd thing to say. Rarely do we play the carry against the opposition. Yeah, there's more to it than that. But people are arguing that top teams don't deploy that strategy to zone entries as often as we do. Most teams have a lot more variance based on the players available on the team. Most teams have a lot more adaptability depending on who they face. Vancouver is coached
  12. Elliott just said on cbc that Canucks are now working on contracts for Green's assistants. Doesn't sound good. Does not sound good.
  13. TSN - Canucks, head coach Green agree to contract extension Canucks, head coach Green agree to contract extension https://www.tsn.ca/1.1643270
  14. It's official now. All we can hope for is different assistant coaches because otherwise we are gonna be sitting at the bottom of the league again. Braindead ownership.
  15. I'm telling you. We're winning the &^@#ing lottery this year. This is the year you should Bettman!
  16. I definitely think it needs to be a priority but ultimately we don't know what the circumstances are until afterwards, if at all.
  17. Yeah that's true. I think some of it boils down to ice time though. Imagine being a prospect and getting 1 game the entire year to play because you're on a taxi squad. How infuriating would that be?
  18. There's been rumours by lots of people including Elliott about unhappy players all year.
  19. I said if there's ever a year for Canucks to get the #1 pick this is the one because drafting is gonna be a $&!# show this off season.
  20. Probably because of who we deployed and how often. Lots of guys didn't get much of an opportunity and other guys got way too much opportunity.
  21. Perfect way to end the season, as competitive as we were all season. Good job, boys!
  22. Good players ending up good players doesn't mean he's a good coach. That's one small aspect of it. He's not a coach that you hire for long term success. He's a coach that maybe you'd hire if your starting goaltender is top 5 in the league consistently.
  23. I'm pretty sure Green will actually be out of work for a while. I'd be surprised if he were picked up but everybody's been pumping his tires since before he even got here.
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