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  1. Wow. You guys made CDC create a whole new side subforum for Mafia. I'm so proud of you all.
  2. Imagine my surprise when the last Mafia post is December 3 (or mid-November if you count the actual thread). It's been a good run, bois. (I'm afraid to start it back up with so many iterations of Mafia now floating on the forums)
  3. Should've been @Master Radishes
  4. I know I've been saying this for the past year now, but I'm working on a new forum game. I've put it off for a year but trust me, I'm seriously working on it now. Let me just quickly check Reddit first...
  5. I'll think about it. How many rounds do you have left of this game?
  6. Stop touching me in weird places

  7. Tigs

    Just leaving a footprint. ;)

  8. Hi. Can I applies for your fantasy league CDCVHL?

  9. It's Friday, Friday / Gotta get down on Friday / Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend

  10. -AJ-

    who's that chick who you had in your sig?

  11. Looking for more mashup bands like Mashup-Germany. Any suggestions?
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