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  1. I'm surprised we haven't had a thread on bitcoin here. Any other bitcoin enthusiasts on CDC? What are your thoughts on the future of currency. I've been following bitcoin for two years now. It's nice to see the amount of attention it has been receiving. My friend launched the worlds first bitcoin ATM on Howe street. Has anyone here taken a look at it?
  2. Why would you ban Wetcoaster, he did so much for this forum.

    1. canucks#01fan


      He needed to move on

    2. Bill Sikes

      Bill Sikes

      He was the worst troll on the forum, an arrogant pseudo intellectual who regularly provoked and insulted people, then sat back and pretended to be the voice of reason as his flunkies continued to bait his target.

    3. nucklehead


      ^ spoken like a true inferior

  3. Does anyone know where there's free parking near UBC?

    1. ManUtd


      There's some on Marine Drive out near Totem. I imagine they're really hard to get though.

    2. The Brahma Bull
    3. MillerGenuineDraft


      I miss Totem too. What time would you say I would have to arrive to get parking? Is 10am good enough?

  4. What do you call someone whose fascinated in the smaller things in life?

  5. finals suck.

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    2. MillerGenuineDraft


      Aw :) Good on you for staying up this late for Math 9! Stick to it, and when you get to 11th grade, try taking Math 12 in summer school, then take Calculus in 12th grade.

      It'll help you a ton for university. Oh and choose UBC Sauder, it's good times.

    3. schlaBAM


      believe me. take calc 12. AP if you can, it'll make the first year so much easier. I'm doing second year calc and it's much more understandable. don't recommend it if you dont have to take it though its haaard.

      yes though, finals do suck. got one in an hour!

    4. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Just finished my first year calc final! Sweet relief!

  6. finalement a name change on heree

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    2. Armada


      You're a phony!

    3. Caboose


      So your name change is just a variation of another name here?

      Seems lame to me.

    4. MillerGenuineDraft


      Ah frack, is there someone with this name? I guess I gotta wait 180 days.

  7. How does one dress to an 80s house party?

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    2. joe of the north

      joe of the north

      it doesn't matter, they will all be asleep by 7:30.....

    3. MillerGenuineDraft


      i was thinking of walking in with pounds of cocaine.. thats pretty 80s

    4. Captain Aerosex

      Captain Aerosex

      I was just about to suggest that...get a perm

  8. must you always creep my page

  9. that feeling when you know you've done something right for someone, and can see it in their eyes (:

  10. When will people learn to live independently and make decisions for themselves, and not what "god" would tell them to do... Seriously, religions just taken over

  11. craving an ice cream sandwich mmm

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    2. Amber H

      Amber H

      i'm eating one right now! lol!

    3. Schneider's Teeth

      Schneider's Teeth

      This one time myself and 3 other upstanding citizens bought 48 ice cream sandwiches and ate them all. It was quite delicious. You'd think they got less delicious after the 15th one. But they don't.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      but, what would you do for a klondyk bar?...

  12. Vancity, thank you for making my drunken night so totally worth every minute of it :')

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