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  1. you confuse hate for the Maple Leafs which is true in BC and other places since we had to get it force fed down our throats every Saturday for decades this isn't hate for the city
  2. actually i just hate the Maple Leafs that's it and that has to do with the Toronto Media not the City itself i will support the Raptors and Blue Jays
  3. oh boy they needed that home run badly can forget about the error
  4. really from the games i have watched i have seen more crap thrown on the ice by fans that weren't Canuck fans
  5. way to stay composed face it blue jays your catcher screwed up
  6. wow what a choke job by Detroit
  7. you're still trying to put stock into a meaningless game but guess what we don't make these decisions on who plays and who doesn't who makes the nhl and who doesn't that's left to the people that actually watch these players for more than a couple of games or a couple youtube clips trying to actually use a very very very small sample size to determine which player makes it and which player doesn't it's laughable /end rant on armchair nhl experts
  8. you're seriously trying to put some value in a meaningless game wow and i thought cdc couldn't get any worse you're as bad as the people that use the wjc as a means to determine which player is better and who will make the nhl
  9. glorious day today Batman Arkham Knight finally runs smoothly on my computer now if i could just get the dlc released for PC i would be set i guess it will get released all at once so i won't be waiting each month for the next round of dlc they release
  10. cdkeys.com and g2a.com i have used frequently in the last year got ac 4 i think for 9 bucks mk x for 22 bucks batman arkham knight with season pass 42 bucks tried this 5 random steam key on g2a ended up with crap won't do it again only cost like 5 bucks says it's completely random but it's probably limited to poorly reviewed games
  11. why didn't Jurassic Park 3 make a ton of money? why didn't The Lost World make a ton of money? this movie did so well because people enjoyed it they don't go in expecting an oscar performance which seems to be the only movie for some people which is really a shame because you miss out on some great movies call it dumb fun and you can try to compare it to the Transformers movies and i won't go into detail in why JW is better than any of those movies
  12. so we should be good til 2021 great thankfully the smoke and burned smelled seems to have gone away near my house in Vancouver still cloudy which i assume is probably the smoke still
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