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  1. Driving a boat at the age of approx. 8 When is truth not the truth ?
  2. annoyed at myself forgetting how fun this forum is and not visiting enough
  3. i confess i used to think i was like Truman and the world was all watching me. basically the world revolved around me. prob not that uncommon for most 24 years olds. right??
  4. My kid play Lego Jurassic World while the other one tells her what to do
  5. 10 burgers and 20 dogs...80% of the sides were leftover Can i use a smart TV without hooking it up to the interwebz? cuz FBI CSIS CIA and hackers suck
  6. easy...Jason Bourne how much do u hate Apple products? a LOT ? or really lots?
  7. total rep is -1300 that's much more impressive
  8. ikr harsh not sure if i should snap or keep er going hmmmm new poll idea just came to me
  9. woah dude! cool lookin can haven't had a drink in 100 days now...... da fuq is this sober life they speak of?
  10. post when you are F*cked on beers and other substances thread ?
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