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  1. Incredible high quality saves by Demko last season.
  2. Which guy are you talking about?
  3. I picked the Oilers to win the cup. That’s how you screw them over.
  4. Should do a poll on this. But I'm happy with this decision. But hoping assistant coaches at least will be replaced.
  5. I’d like to see d-pairs as: Hughes-Schmidt Edler-Chatfield Juolevi-Hamonic Schmidt needs to be given a bigger role on this team.
  6. Canucks are either gonna get a top 5 pick or make the playoffs. Good chance at both, but most likely a top draft pick.
  7. No I think it’s because he was traded to Leafs so travel quarantine.
  8. If that Benn-Myers pairing stays, they're gonna get lit up. Should be OJ-Myers.
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