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  1. He has jinxed the team a few time. Like in Detroit before the game started on commentary he said Canucks will win this one. Then in Buffalo after Canucks killed 5-3 he spoke too soon and Buffalo scored.
  2. If Myers didn’t block that it was in the net. Hopefully he’s okay.
  3. Let’s see if they listen after giving up a goal on the PK
  4. Our lineup in first 3 games was good especially on D. I don’t know why they changed it all up beside from Hughes not being available. Should have just put Hunt with Poolman to temporarily replace Hughes. Hopefully the D lines don’t struggle again like they did last game.
  5. You played amazing. Would’ve been nice if you sniped in your last shot. But save it for the regular season.
  6. I’m sure I’m wrong but I’m just saying him being on waivers generated a lot of buzz.
  7. He got picked up because everyone made a big deal that he was waived. Drew too much attention.
  8. Demko made some huge saves. I think the bubble Demko is very much alive
  9. Any update about the lineup tonight?
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