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About Me

FIN is not a SHARK! I get many people calling me "Sharkie"!

You want a shark go to San Jose. I am all whale baby...even better I am a mammal and actually 'eat' fish.

I do many appearances every year, well over 100 a year, and this does not include games. I have made appearances at weddings, community events, and birthday parties (ranging from 1 to 90 years old). I even travel to places. I have been to Florida, New York, Montreal, and yuck, Toronto. Not to mention many places all over British Columbia. From my experiences this truly is B.C.'s team.

I get many people asking why I never come to their sections at games. I can only tell you that I do my best to visit everyone but I have a game night itinerary and sometimes it requires me to be at certain places at a specific time.

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