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  1. Said it when he was drafted, said it when first saw him play and will say it again - this kid is a bonafide NHL talent with potential to be a top 6 fixture for ANY team in the league. He plays like Horvat but with better hands and more speed. He will be a fan favourite out of the gate and drive a lot of other teams nuts with his aggressive and relentless play. He plays clean and hard versus dick moves that some guys in league seem to think necessary to be considered "tough". Looking forward to seeing him in the smaller NHL rinks where his game will go to another level. He is also
  2. It is far from a "no brainer" as there may be a LOT of things in play including Ian's preference. He is a great coach but a very quirky guy and he may already want to try something different. I find it amusing how many "experts" seem in the media seem to think it is always so easy to make things happen in professional hockey OR that if something doesn't happen the way they want it to, clearly either the GM is a moron or the owner in meddling. Yes, owners want teams to fail and GMs don't want success .....
  3. Nope, you can buy and we can start the night at Mekongköket but Tik's has better food (pre COVID anyway....not sure if they can still do buffet now)
  4. Did ages ago. When are you going to join me there for you to pay for my drinks?
  5. I just don't think Toronto can win when it matters with that lineup. I think they will likely dominate regular season but once the going gets tough, just shrink in stature.
  6. Cool, good inside info. Any other gems from the locker room you seem to either have bugged or from hanging out with the team?
  7. The bar you have is more your problem than the reality of the player. The Canucks have only had a small playoff sample in that time in what could at best be considered an "odd" scenario. Anyway, you have written him off so that's fine. Curious why you would then continue to discuss him?
  8. If it wasn't a serious situation one could be tempted to say a "heart condition" is why LE is no longer in the NHL too.
  9. See, any other 3rd or 4th line kid would get "he scored 18 goals with lesser minutes and non-offense oriented linemates/situations" but you talk about weaker d pairings. He is what he is but the kid keeps having to live up to a different bar it seems. In today's NHL, 18 goals (projected over 20 over a full season) have you in top six or knocking at the door in terms of production for many, many teams. There is more than just goals to the equation for sure. I personally don't think he is ready for a top line assignment but I also don't think he isn't suited to a top six
  10. Edmonton was dominated in their first home game of the season in a building where they had to watch the Canucks play more than a month after they were pushed out of it last summer. If the Oilers had not come out like their very lives depended on that game it would have been shocking. Canucks looked like a team that was happy with the split and the last 30 minutes of the game were willing to move forward and get on with South Alberta.
  11. You are judging that one a two-game sample in a very odd year at best? Give the guy at least a few more games before you condemn him. Based upon that two game sample you could draw all sorts of conclusions, good or bad, on almost any player that is not aligned with reality but with Jake people seem to be ready to draw a negative one.
  12. Bet you are a hit with the women......
  13. Up to speed now equals up to Toews speed. Cool, will remember that moving forward. You are both entertaining and now have offered a new dictionary. Toews, as I stated above, is a HHOF talent and very player style compare to PLD. PLD is an outstanding talent and to try and diminish him through a trollish compare on stats from a veteran cup winning team with a generational winger with Toews to the stats for PLD was disingenuous. You seem to dislike being called on your BS troll work whilst offering up comedic brilliance. Please don't stop either, highly entertaining.
  14. You are gold. Keep at it. Entertainment value these days is hard to find - you provide it well. Cheers and thanks!
  15. LOL. I have hugely thick skin and post/read always with a grain of salt. I take very little of this seriously but do seriously worry how many lives are being impacted by bad governments around the world and the US is no exception. Canada too - you guys have a brutal situation right now.
  16. Nope, I just think some here (the Rupert dude) are so blinded by their own zealous concepts they don't see a bigger picture. People are so ironic in their hate for Trump but seemingly don't hold your own PM (Trudeau) who seems to struggle just as much with reality and ethics. I am going to leave this political side and return back to chatting fun stuff like hockey but just reinforced for myself that some will never give beyond the divisiveness that leads to the extreme things we have seen the past few years that is hardly all due to Trump. Cheers! Sincerely appreciate yo
  17. LOL Sam, for your sake alone I want the big guy to succeed. You have been his biggest proponent here and every time I see you post, I know how well you will give a reasoned supportive message for the big guy.
  18. Fair - I guess I felt the US people could have come up with something much better
  19. Biden has been in government longer than most people have been alive. I can project his outcome - I could be wrong. I just feel the wrong guy for the wrong time. Has no bearing on outcome what I think. I am surprised how much some of you seem upset at the prospect. I would never have voted for Trump then or now but I personally feel Biden's presidency will be awful. I don't fully blame it on him - he has too much crap to deal with and a real messed up group to work with in his team. Again, didn't realize you could not like Trump and also think Biden will be a pr
  20. I am talking about Biden, not Trump. Trump was a disaster but I think Biden could be worse.
  21. Be amazed. I think the US is such a mess that it would take a generational president who is not so divisive to fix. Biden ain't that. I have no idea how Trump's lack of grasp on reality has to do with how Biden will do or not do. I think Biden is likely a good guy and has good intentions but he is burden with some wingnuts (like Trump was even if he was the lead wingnut) and Biden's VP will be an anchor for him. Don't conflag Trump's lack of a moral compass to gauge how Biden will perform - unrelated. Be better than that Rupert dude who seems to be a lost cause.
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