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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Vancouver moves more than one player. I agree Pearson may be in the works.
  2. What get me is the front office on this one. Tryampkin has done what he has to do thus far. The Vancouver front office has become a laughing stock. It's like Jim Benning is looking for a lost shoe under his desk rather than doing his job properly. As far as I can see JB has three options. A. sign the guy B. trade his rights C. let him walk Those seem to be the three options maybe some one else has more in mind but damn Jim do something. JB has had a lot of time on this one, years so lets not be hearing he ran out of time.
  3. It's hard to disagree with your optics. I think we all saw this last year before the pandemic took hold. Vancouver wasn't playing great. They had a bubble flash that had many optimistic but proved short lived when this season arrived. The subtraction of players may have added to the woes but not the sole reason they are the $hit$. Everything they say reflects a bad attitude. The same old post game lines. I'm tired of Millers tantrums, grow up along with your teammates. Most of these players have been playing at high levels all their lives and haven't faced
  4. Hey great post the pole was well put together. Am I the only person who's glad there's no game today? It's predictable failure on a nightly basis.
  5. I maybe a poor speller but I don't live in my mother basement.
  6. Could it simply be that Jim Benning has iced a poor team...again. He was aware of his cap issues going into the season. He simply couldn't and didn't fix them. He gambled on his half assed fix and seemingly lost. It's early I now but I feel this is going to be a no where season.
  7. Don't. Most of the people here don't even have a checking account and live n their mothers basement.
  8. I would wonder how well he'd do as Tanev's replacement.
  9. How do you watch his games of are they high lights? I'm interested. Is the team Tryampkin on any good?
  10. This kid keeps getting better and as pointed out someone has to come out at some point and i don't think it will be the "berg".
  11. Wasn't it just great not having to suffer through watching that dud Loui Eriksson. Watching Oscar Fantenberg getting better and better in only a hand full of games has been a joy for Christmas. Of course he's a defenseman and yes i'm comparing him to a forward but he's just that much more effect while on the ice playing his position. Eriksson has now become a stop gap player at 6 million plus a year while Fantenberg marks his tree. When they play Eriksson we all know there's injuries. When they play Oscar we see a guy taking his opportunity and running
  12. Good skater and calm. He's already surpassed Eriksson in all departments.
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