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  1. I agree. This is why there's a preseason. Last night was basically a hockey game on the TV screen. \looking players we might not see again or for a while. I think the biggest notice for me was the lack of young drafted developing prospects in the Vancouver line up. The lines and the rest o the game were about what I expected. Not an intense game by any stretch.
  2. Well when I saw they'd hired Sutter last season I knew they must have the old Flames time machine out. Forget about the Gudbranson signing here for a moment. When one travels back to the days of Sutter coaching and managing the show he ran the Flames into the ground. Mubbles has a short shelf life and with the age of some of the Flames players they'll have a short shelf life too. This has become an old team with a seemingly low amount of up and coming prospect. If I were a flames fan I'd be pissed. The back end seems weaker . I don't see this team doing much but picking up penalties for getting beat wide.
  3. And they Mumbles for the coach bring back the retred loser.
  4. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/canucks-place-jake-virtanen-unconditional-waivers-purposes-buyout/ Not unexpected. Meanwhile Montreal signs a similar character, wonder if they pick up Jake too?
  5. I've been critical of JB as well as supporting moves he's made. I have no problem with this one. We no longer have to talk about the three duds that got shipped out. Done! Also the finger prints of the owner are on this too, it's his loot. I really like this move. So to the fans that keep on bitching and moaning about the Canucks missing this and that move I'd like to point out that both Edmonton and Calgary need fans and support with the flimsy management teams they sport.
  6. They are far too light and soft they go together in the long run.
  7. What do you watching? Who cares what some stats say, this team is too small, soft, not built for much . Putting it bluntly you have clue about this team or hockey! I'm tired of this soft team nd barely hits. You think showing some stats in comparison of Tampa? Lol
  8. A lot of bar room lawyers that aren't even old enough to drink then the rest...
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