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  1. Don't. Most of the people here don't even have a checking account and live n their mothers basement.
  2. This kid keeps getting better and as pointed out someone has to come out at some point and i don't think it will be the "berg".
  3. Wasn't it just great not having to suffer through watching that dud Loui Eriksson. Watching Oscar Fantenberg getting better and better in only a hand full of games has been a joy for Christmas. Of course he's a defenseman and yes i'm comparing him to a forward but he's just that much more effect while on the ice playing his position. Eriksson has now become a stop gap player at 6 million plus a year while Fantenberg marks his tree. When they play Eriksson we all know there's injuries. When they play Oscar we see a guy taking his opportunity and running with it. The comparison of a hungry young player and a player in Eriksson who's toast and a huge signing mistake that the Canucks have to live with. They have to live with fans such as myself "taking jabs" when ever one can . -A-J are you sure you're not Mrs Eriksson running a ghost account? GO OSCARE FANTENBERG, THE DEFENSEMAN COMPARED TO A FORWARD.
  4. Good skater and calm. He's already surpassed Eriksson in all departments.
  5. I think Benning will infuse more young defensemen into the system, but other than that there's a lot of promise in the future. I think you're right about Burrows , Higgens and Hansen, they will move them if they see youth worth investing in.
  6. Agreed. When I see a player thread I like to read about that players direct involvement and development there side tracks lead no where.
  7. Very good sound thinking behind your thoughts. We'll never know what goes on behind closed doors.