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  1. Would you rat on someone who has legitimately done ZERO work on a term assignment? This includes not showing up for data collection, meetings, or doing an assigned part.

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    2. FramingDragon


      I wouldn't let the whole group know anything about this. I'd just email the prof (too awkward in person), and let him know what's up. Proceed like nothing happened in front of her.

    3. Dazzle


      Rating your own members is one the laziest things ever. More often than not, people aren't honest about the voting.

    4. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      I think what would have worked best is to be proactive. If the person is not contributing have a 3 warning system.. 1) warning group tells person to contribute or else. 2) If person does not comply group has vote on whether to kick out person from the group. 3)Last chance prof gets involved decides how to handle the situation.