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  1. Or just wait 3 months. Meanwhile in Mar-Lago, Three teenage boys have been arrested after inadvertently entering President Donald Trump's Florida resort with a loaded AK47 assault rifle. "They had no idea where they were," Mr Ogrodnick said, adding that they were lucky that Mr Trump's family was not there, as they might otherwise have been shot by the Secret Service.
  2. I've noticed it's kind of getting to the point where patriotism in the US is being linked exclusively to morons. Soon anyone seen as being patriotic will be seen as a moron. Dividing the country with identity politics has really weakened the American identity. If this isn't foreign interference to topple America, it's sure working out that way. Hard to imagine anyone with America's best interest in mind would do something so self destructive.
  3. In the 60s, anti-war protesters called for the abolition of arms. The same counter arguments were made then. If good people get rid of arms, bad people will take over. In hindsight, it is clear neither side were good. Power eventually corrupts. Turns out it's all a show to sell weapons. Maybe we shouldn't fall for the same trick again with police? I believe in theory the police are essential. But they created a culture with more loyalty to their symbolic badge than to the community. So it's not really the police we need. By definition it's a gang.
  4. There has been similar responses in other sports with little representation. NASCAR and Wallace, F1 and Hamilton and the NHL .Tiger Woods has been quiet but would get a similar response. Obviously a pattern. It is tremendously insulting to the courage of those speaking up at a time when their experience is what we are arguing about.
  5. Why do Conservative non-Americas continue to spout Trump Conservative American talking points even when most American Conservatives don't these days? Weird, right? It's increasingly clear how the information filters in. Through white nationalist, anti-muslim/immigration (Rebel Media) and other alt-right attention seekers. Doesn't take a lot to follow the breadcrumbs. Try your best to ignore it. They are obvious attempts to troll, attract attention and claim legitimacy because of acknowledgement.
  6. Nearing the end of the 1st term I think anyone paying attention can conclude Trump has been good for the economic futures of China, India, Russia, etc. Meanwhile in the US,
  7. Umbrella Man
  8. Scary in my opinion. Should be a reporting a good quarter (for executives and shareholders) because of quarantine. Investors will spin it positively despite the uncertainty in the world. Apparently the only economic constant in a pandemic is that executives still get bonuses and workers still get screwed.
  9. Gold hit 1900 today. First time since the 2011 US credit rating downgrade. It will probably hit an all time high soon. Never a good sign.
  10. A cool drone light show over Seoul to thank workers.
  11. The WH Press Secretary isn't human. How can she be human? Kayleigh McEnany✔@kayleighmcenany FUN FACT: @dominos is wayyyy better than any NYC pizza Nov 8, 2012
  12. Map probably looks that way because the Provinces report in collectively. And the relatively small numbers aren't worth it for them to break it down further. BC should look similar to Washington State, concentrated in areas and smaller areas around it. Still clearly going up worldwide.
  13. How much money and power to these people need? Speaking of Amway. Surprised to learn that China is Amway's biggest market. And they're #2 in China. Big in other countries too Korea, Japan, India, Taiwan,Thailand. I think the US rank 3rd.
  14. A scary example of how serious this virus is. Specifically how dangerous it is to the lungs. One of treatment of serious cases has been ECMO. In short pumping blood from somewhere else, adding oxygen then pumping it back to the lungs. one story -
  15. Absolutely. May not be in this thread. It is on the minds of us in Canada. We have no excuses. We do need to pay more attention. CBC - Global -