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  1. A cool drone light show over Seoul to thank workers.
  2. Map probably looks that way because the Provinces report in collectively. And the relatively small numbers aren't worth it for them to break it down further. BC should look similar to Washington State, concentrated in areas and smaller areas around it. Still clearly going up worldwide.
  3. A scary example of how serious this virus is. Specifically how dangerous it is to the lungs. One of treatment of serious cases has been ECMO. In short pumping blood from somewhere else, adding oxygen then pumping it back to the lungs. one story - https://localnews8.com/health/2020/05/27/a-ventilator-wasnt-enough-to-treat-him-for-covid-19-this-machine-became-his-last-chance-for-survival/
  4. Here, I trust the doctors. They are making tough calls. Like outdoor protest vs shopping at Costco? IDK. Both? Neither? It's a tough call. Tough because you have to trust people to be smart. In the US? Remember by the time the BLM riots occurred most states had already lifted restrictions. Beaches, malls, etc.... full. Arizona for example lifted restrictions on May 15th, 10 days before the incidents in Minneapolis.
  5. Sorry for the threadjack. Why does anyone take a person with blackface as their signature seriously? Nothing wrong with being anti-Trudeau. But that's all you got? Nothing fresh? We can only imagine how happy you must have been when you first saw that picture. Says a lot about you.
  6. The US should be worried about this. The protests are important. But the mass gatherings are still dangerous. The situation is Canada and the US is different at the moment. Canada and other countries, flatten the curve. The US has given up on many levels. They tried. But could not trend down. There's only so much individuals can do, the failure in leadership in the US made flattening the curve impossible. We can only hope for the best.
  7. Not saying there's any truth to it. But if it turned out pot was effective against it. Legalized countries would have a huge advantage in development. Would be great for Canada.
  8. The warning is about the false sense of security not the effectiveness of masks. Wear a mask if you can. But be equally careful. The worry is some think a mask will protect them so they won't. There is an update this afternoon on masks. So things may change.
  9. Health Canada is doing an exceptional job. Backed by data. They have my trust. They earned it. You? You think a mask is helmet.
  10. Health Canada and WHO has advised masks and gloves can be dangerous because they give a false sense of security. Good example of that.
  11. No I'm being respectful to someone who volunteers their time to moderate this forum.
  12. LOL. More like a mom calling out a little baby. I don't know a single thing about debluvscanucks but I can tell she is an adult by her conduct. I don't know single thing about you except you seem to behave like a toddler.
  13. The US hit 90,000 deaths yesterday. Which totals the next 3 countries combined, UK, Italy, France. Roughly 1 in 4 confirmed cases on the planet right now are just across the border from us. They are nowhere near reopening by any other country's standard. Almost every other country in the world is fighting to flatten the curve. While the US is gambling it will just go away. We can only hope their gamble works out.
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