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  1. I bought a 1981 VW Westfalia! Let the adventures begin! 

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    2. Jägermeister


      The Shaggin' Wagon era begins.

    3. Chalky


      There are so many easy upgrades you can do yourself, I bought a bunch of fabric and did the upholstery and curtains myself.  I recommend the http://www.gowesty.com/product-details.php?id=4046 if you are planning on camping locally.  If your heater doesn't work...and I can already tell you, it doesn't, buy a ceramic propane heater from Can Tire or wherever and you will never be cold...just make sure you keep a window open to vent the carbon monoxide. I'm literally looking at Westy's online now, I'm going to buy another one.

    4. Armada


      GoWesty has all the good stuff! Thanks for the tips. They'll be a lot of self repairs, fixes and upgrades but Its the van life! You have to buy one. They're going up in price and are such a great investment. 

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