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  1. or, if Scrodosmurf is your 3rd line C.
  2. Sedin Kesler Scrodo Yappy No. This would suck on many levels.
  3. Would a whip-cracking coach have changed the way the Canucks played against Boston in the final? Or against LA the next year? No. So, why would KB be wrong to say that the Canucks don't "need" this. They don't. I agree with KB. He is not "bigger than the team" to say this. It is just KB being KB. Soft-core.
  4. Who else did he play under then? You responded to my post, not the other way around.
  5. Ballard is a decent scrapper, actually. I will give him that.
  6. But you can with a coach? He is getting ragged on in here for stating the obvious in that "this" not a coaching issue, yet we like the guy becasue he IS vocal.
  7. Crow??? lol, come on. Rush the puck and no D? You have a point alright, but come on... I like KB, just not here so much, anymore with Tanev and his twin emerging as puck movers.
  8. Really...? Are you a systems guy? Explain to me how this system hasn't make a guy like KB look good, if this is simply speculation and irrelevant. Compare the two systems if you like.
  9. I agree, to an extent, but KB's success is also a result of AV's system. He might not look so good in Nashville, say.
  10. The coach didnt get run out of the rink in that series... the country club did, this includes KB. This was not coaching. That was such an ace-kicking. Would a crack of the whip by a coach made the Canucks play like men in that series or the next against LA, another physically dominant team? Haha, no. So, KB is right to say these things. This is a roster issue. Gillis is responsible for the roster, he should be taking ALL the blame at this point.
  11. Turn over machine Kevin should be gone. We all like his character, but he is a liability on the ice. His tough game, played at 200lbs, isn't enough to scare anybody and his D is known as sloppy. To deny this is to have contempt for thought. I think his statement is taken out of context as far as what professional hockey players in their primes need from the coaching staff by some of you.
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