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  1. If the Devils did give Hamilton 9 million for 7 years as reported I'd say that's one of the worst. Glad the Canucks did not do that.
  2. Mike Hoffman 3 years @ 4.5 MTL Jake McCabe 4 years at 4.0 CHI Blake Coleman 6 years @ 4.9 CGY Granlund 4 years @ 5.0 NSH Wennberg 3 years @ 4.5 SEA Hyman 7 years @ 5.5 EDM Those all seem quite terrible to me.
  3. They also know that only teams with balanced salary structures go far in the playoffs and remain competitive for years. It was noted after TO got knocked out that the only team left in the playoffs with a player making $10m plus was Montreal, for Carey Price. I reckon both Pete and Quinn will get Boeser like bridge deals. He was arguably the teams best and most consistent player last year.
  4. I was worried about our D before this, and I'm still worried. Looking forward to bringing in a couple guys who can actually play D - something we've been lacking for a long time. 94' Canucks had a couple puck movers, and the rest were pretty much guys who could punch you in the face and block a shot with his forehead. Different game, along time ago - but if you look at Tampa's D - pretty similar. Although it would have been entertaining to see Miller ram Nate's face through a locker room stall, I'm happy to see the annoying little twerp gone. I'm sure the enti
  5. Watching the Royals in Victoria, Matthews never gets hit - unless he's getting dummied in front of the net. Similar to Gaudreau, it's very hard to actually nail the guy anywhere away from the net. Nice work Cole!!!
  6. Nicely done. Cam Neely really out did himself there.
  7. I'm looking forward to watching him when Kelowna comes to town against the Royals. Want to check out this Glass kid as well to see what all the hype was about.
  8. That was my favorite moment in the draft. If Lind pans out like he's projecting in the dub then it'll be a legendary quote to keep in the vaults.
  9. I agree. My impression of Jake early on was that he could easily out muscle and out pace players to the net, mostly in a straight line with little hockey IQ needed. This concerned me, as that type of game doesn't play well against bigger, stronger, and faster players. It's what has never really made me excited about Stukel, who seems to play in a similar fashion but lacks Jake's high end speed and size. The last year has been big for Jake, as he seems to be developing a hockey IQ. He is getting to spots now and supporting better - added with his top-shelf speed and size - we cou
  10. Case in point see Austin of Nashville - 1st round pick 2010 - now demolishing in the playoffs.
  11. Wow! He's half the man he used to be. Is that even the same guy!!!
  12. Weber does not equal Rome - lucky for Bennett....
  13. Great that we have a farm team to develop. Looking forward to a slow cook......
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