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  1. I lived there for 6 years (as an undergrad and grad student ). It’s a great place if you have money (which I didn’t).
  2. If Abbotsford requires all players to be vaccinated, and rumours are true that he is not, then it’s unlikely that he reports. Then wouldn’t he be suspended and we get his 3 million in cap hit? We could use another RHD.
  3. People can be both. It’s not like being sensitive to important social issues makes him an AHLer.
  4. That is really interesting, just Googled that, thank you for new knowledge.
  5. No matter how the numbers and term turn out, I hope that the two contracts are for different lengths. There’s no way I want their agent to be able to blackmail the Canucks with both players at the same time. Ideally, we buy a year or two of Petey’s UFA years and go shorter with Hughes to see if his defensive game improves.
  6. Dahlin just signed for three years at 6 million per year. That has to impact what Quinn gets.
  7. The context of my comment was a discussion of where extra cap could be gained, if needed, for Boeser and Miller. JB got rid of the dead weight. The question was where are the contracts that could be exchanged for more cap. The players mentioned are not dead weight but are the contracts I would look at if more cap is needed.
  8. Myers and Poolman are the two most over paid contracts we have left. We’ll see about OEL.
  9. You forgot Virts. He made the team but wasn’t worth a first round pick.
  10. There’s a chance but I doubt it. I think they’ll announce as soon as it’s done and they don’t need to be cap compliant by the start of training camp.
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