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  1. Alfie, I think you may be missing the point Wallstreet was making. Madden and a second was worth Toffoli if TT was extended, but then we didn't even offer TT an extension. So, we gave up TT, Madden and a second and that was poor asset management. JB has given three different reasons for losing TT over time. Bottom line is he was so focused on getting OEL he dropped the ball with TT. Yes, time to move on from this mistake and I expect next year to be much better with a healthy Pete, Podz, and whatever trades JB makes this summer. Looking forward to getting an impact player at #9 as well.
  2. This is a good news day: Clark gets his five years, Brown is gone, Shaw runs the PP not Baumer (https://theprovince.com/sports/canucks-travis-green-picks-veteran-coach-brad-shaw-for-critical-role) and Baumer does the PK. They also now have competent folks to take over from Green if he falters or JB loses faith in him. Next good news would be decent long-term cap-friendly deals for Petey and Hughes, then getting Clarke (or McTavish) in the draft, hearing about some buyouts, LE retiring rather than going to Abbotsford, the Kraken that JV or Holtby (I’m dreaming here), and getting a third line C
  3. I hope JB isn’t pursuing a top six winger as that’s a lesser worry than a 3rd line C, dumping/rebuilding the bottom 6 and constructing a more effective D. We are not in “win now” mode so youngish players are preferred to those over 30. We also need to build up our prospect pool because once Podz and Rathbone join the team the cupboard is a bit bare. If we do flip #9 as part of a package for a RHD, I hope we get a lower draft pick back. Most years we have not had all of our picks available.
  4. I think Hughes rather than Wallstedt would be on that list.
  5. Edvinsson at 9 would be a steal and a miracle, but exactly what we need. Second choice is Clarke, but he might also be gone by then.
  6. If he says “we’re going to call other teams” that sounds more like shopping and being open to offers rather than passively waiting to see if others contact him. I don’t have a problem with this. If he picks at #9 I’m confident we will get a very good prospect. If he can flip it for a proven young player and a later pick I’m ok with that as well. There are a lot of holes that need filling.
  7. Umm, not giving credit to anybody just citing the source I read. Didn't see or hear the quote directly from JB so can’t credit him. It will be interesting to see if anything materializes from this, what offers come in, and who/what JB might accept in exchange for #9.
  8. JB is shopping the #9 pick, according to Ben Kuzman. https://thehockeywriters.com/nhl-rumors-june-4-2021/
  9. I don’t expect any team to do us any favours nor would I expect the Canucks to do any favours in return. If it suits Seattle to take him it would also help our cap problems, but there are other goalie options available and I expect Seattle to take a youngush forward from us.
  10. I think that the Canucks would love for Seattle to take Holtby. I don't see them buying Holtby out over some of the bottom 6 anchor contracts and sending LE to the minors (which makes more sense financially than buying him out ).
  11. This is the best and most succinct summary of why JB should have been dumped that I’ve read. Well done. The addition I would suggest is JB signing more ntc and nmc than any other GM (yes I know they expire after next year).
  12. Nice, thanks. Still don’t agree with bringing JB back.
  13. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/einstein-s-parable-of-quantum-insanity/
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