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  1. Been interested in the guy since I watched him fight Brimage. His skills, humour, and confidence made me a fan and persuaded me that he might have what it took to be champion, and his next 2 fights only added to that. After Poirier, I believed completely. When I got into MMA, GSP and Silva were my favourites. But they were already established. Conor is the first fighter that I've watched and rooted for as he climbed the ladder. Somebody who I've tried to emulate in the gym and whose mentality I try to capture. Now he's the biggest star in MMA. It's inspirational for me. I'm incredibly happy fo
  2. Dollar Billashaw is for real. Good lord. Felder/Barboza was the greatest spinning $&!#fest I've ever seen. With some tuning up, Felder's going to be scary.
  3. Hah, he shattered his own foot doing that unfortunately.
  4. I never buy PPVs, but was compelled by the hype to get this one. So glad I did. I wouldn't consider it a stretch to say this is the greatest card in fighting history. Prelims weren't great (except for Elbowfest 2015, which was awesome) but every fight on the main card was somewhere on the continuum of awesome to legendary.
  5. A less pretty picture...the Red King seems like a more fitting nickname than it used to.
  6. Greatest PPV in UFC history, one of the best nights of combat ever. I'm paining for Rory, pulling so hard for him and he pushed himself to the limit throughout the fight. You could hear him going "my head" in pain between rounds and you could see the agony he was in during the fight (broken right foot apparently, as well as the exploded face). Him and Robbie are absolute gladiators, one of the best fights of all-time. I hope Rory isn't damaged for life by this fight. And McGregor...I've been saying this guy was for real for a long time now. Now the hype is through the roof for that uni
  7. Well this blows. But this (not even considering Aldo's injury) is a more interesting fight to me, stylistically. It's just...all the hype...I had the hardest boner for so many months, and now it's just kinda...you know...up...
  8. A guy who survived the favelas, trained in abject poverty sleeping on the gym floor to become a pro fighter, and now the most dominant active champion in the UFC plus the greatest featherweight in history...is a pansy?
  9. Well done. Did not see Andrei pulling that off, but holy &^@#ing hell what a fight. The Chris is the $&!#. Good on ya DC, I wanted Rumble to win, but meh. We all know either of them is just a paper champ until the GOAT gets back.
  10. Same except Rumble. But that's not a confident pick: I'm really unsure about the new LHW champ.
  11. Canelo by KO...what a fight that was.
  12. Joe Rogan has Joe Schilling on his podcast and they're talking about the training Ann Wolfe is making Kirkland do. She has a heavy bag attached to an arm on a truck (like a mini-crane sort of) and she slowly drives towards him while he's facing the truck hitting the bag. She doesn't stop, so he has to constantly keep moving backwards while he's hitting the bag. Nuts, but perhaps effective.
  13. Pac's the best Mayweather will have ever fought, a southpaw, and has Roach in his corner. But I don't think he'll 'expose' Mayweather. Floyd doesn't show any real flaws, other than low output and a reliance on clinching. The only real bugaboo is that he'll hold his right hand high in guard, so maybe a booming left to the liver could be available for Pacquiao. If Manny wins, it won't be him picking apart Floyd and showing us all these flaws that nobody exposed before. It'll be him biting down on his mouthguard, ripping his heart out of his chest, and taking the fight to a less motivated Flo
  14. I think Pac could easily win by decision simply by sheer output. Depends on how much Mayweather clinches, and then if the ref is going to be letting them grapple or breaking it up quickly. But Maidana was catching Mayweather, so Floyd turned it into a wrestling match. If Marcos is putting tips on him, Pacquiao can.
  15. Wish I could take credit for it. I'm just sharing the incredulity.
  16. 'At Last' was great. Still won't believe the fight happens until they're staring each other down in the ring.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0UFUhsSsXU&t=5m46s Both of these guys are killers...it looks like Aldo's been truly gotten to now and he wants this fight for a little more than the money. "I'm gonna miss these coconuts"
  18. Lol Aldo may win. But McGregor is anything but overrated and I think some people are gonna be surprised on July 11. Stylistically, he might be Aldo's nightmare. Physically, he has every advantage except maybe sheer speed. Regardlesa of the result it's going to be the biggest fight in FW history. My money's on a new champ.
  19. Man...two amazing dethronings. I knew RDA had what it took to be competitive, but he just made Pettis look like he didn't belong there. I can't wait to see the rematch with Khabib. And dayum. Joanna Jjjdjdjdjdjj is what strawweight needs. Cute as hell, deadly hands. Awesome to watch.
  20. This gif basically sums up the brutal, awkward, salt-in-the-wound post-fight interview that was Rogan and Zingano.
  21. I sure as hell aint listening to yo stupid ass
  22. UFC 189's headlined by Aldo VS McGregor, and it's been announced that Lawler VS MacDonald 2 is the co-main. Fuuaaaaaark July 11 is a while away :/ Also...Anderson is now a martyr for drug-testing: UFC just announced huge changes in drug testing policy and protocol.
  23. I think that's heavy speculation on your part...he said he wouldn't rematch Weidman after their first fight too. Don't put much stock into words, let alone vague ones. And January 2015 has been one of the UFC's best months in case you're wondering: UFC 182 had 800K+ PPV buys and the prelims had over 1 million viewers, McGregor vs Siver had 3 million viewers, Gustafson vs Rumble had 3.6 million viewers, and though the PPV numbers aren't back UFC 183 prelims peaked at nearly 2 million viewers (record for prelims). For reference, games in the Stanley Cup Finals last year had about 5 million v
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