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  1. Personally I think on the basis that Gino transcended being just a fighter to one of the most popular Canucks ever and his work with the aboriginal community sets him up for getting up there in the ring of honour. 

    That’s the purpose of having the ring to honour the players who have made a difference to the team. Ginos one of the best examples for honouring. 

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  2. On 4/23/2019 at 3:29 AM, Twilight Sparkle said:




    @Rick Grimes

    @The Situation



    @LoneI2anger my originu waifu ;;

    @Relics :bigblush:






    @This Devils Workday


    @Citizen Erased






    @Champions of Nothing

    @Surrey Jack














    @Angry Al





    @Paranoia we ran creative back in the day\

    @canuckforever00 i sometimes miss the creative forum lovable losers xD

    @.CM. the first one who ever taught me how to sig




    @archimedes the owl


    @Pure Class




    dude so many we've lost over the years, especially back in my hey day D: just scratching the surface of the old timers


    @diesel_3 confirm some of these names pls :3 i KNOW im missing more


    My boy This Devils Workday. He was one of the first people I ever had a conversation with here. 

    I know I’ve been guilty of swerving CDC. Life is a lil busier now compared to my days of high school. 

  3. 1 hour ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

    Before opening this thread, I was expecting a 5-10 minute “movie”, but seeing it’s over 43 minutes, it must have taken a lot of effort and work to put it altogether.


    Great job!

    Thanks man!


    This was a labour of love. Most work I’ve put into a video but I really did enjoy making it. 


    Anyone is welcome to share as well. I’d like this to get out to as many people as possible. I don’t make any money but I feel like any Canuck fan would enjoy this. 

  4. 0 warning points in my 7 years here.

    Ye boi

    Hey, I remember that!

    I think I got banned for bashing allkill because of the fake suicide thing.

    Back on topic, I'm probably close to being banned, due to my history on CDC.

    How long were you banned for lol? You were banned in 2012 then I wasn't on CDC for 2 years and then another 8 months and you hadn't come back yet when I was briefly back.

    Remember you being a plororizing force in the fantasy forum back then

  5. My two cents:

    My interest level is currently low. I dont blame the league, I blame the fact that its still the NHL off-season. Would a reset increase interest? Probably. However, I do think that the NHL coming back will boost things.

    I know that feel man. The lockout was a big reason why I didn't post for the majority of 2 and a half years on here.

    I've got an idea though, someone should run an oldschool sim league using an NHL 99 or more recently a 2005 perhaps.