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  1. They're discussing Highmore/Gaudette and how Gaud sees himself as a top 6 and there wouldn't be a fit for him here in relation to that. That he wasn't a guy they relied on in the playoffs and he didn't take that extra step they'd expected. That Highmore is touted as: a guy who'll do whatever's asked of him. High motor, better skater (Gaud with more talent). Will go to the net every time. Comparing him to a Motte kind of player?
  2. Congratulations to Hideki Matsuyama for his big win at The Masters today! Such a great thing for Japan.
  3. Freaking out? "Scared constantly"? That's a little more dramatic than responding to posts in a "discussion". Everyone is not taking it seriously but if you are, that's great. Thanks for doing so.
  4. The team HAS Covid, so it ties in. Can you tell us about the professional experience you've had dealing with COVID?
  5. Me too. "Down the stretch" teams are acclimatized as the pace and intensity pick up. Having a few weeks of illness/down time then expecting them to jump back in to a schedule never seen before is expecting miracles. What a year. Nexxxxxt..... Also will say this: it's interesting to see how other teams are failing (Habs) when THEY have to endure some of what this team went through earlier on. No excuses....it just highlights how difficult and gruelling this is. People who slammed the team for struggling have to consider that they were expected to do it
  6. Then quit downplaying the potential severity of the variants. We learned how quickly a case can burn through a group of people...not all will be so lucky. These are young athletes in prime condition...so they may have battled through easier than others. Also...not sure we can just brush this off as "nothing to see here" without them weighing in. I'm quite sure some of them would say "take this thing seriously".
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