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  1. I watch most days (although I'm back at work now so have missed a few). She really is quite thorough and informative.
  2. Honest question - do you even watch her updates? She generally provides a good update with all the information and answers questions at times too. Today's positivity rate is 1.95% Most recent cases associated with weddings, funerals and celebrations of life. Most here: Fraser Health 72.8% (positivity rate has been as high as 3% in the recent past) VCH 20.6%
  3. Stop baiting and get on topic. These types of responses seem more like you're enjoying getting under people's skin than actually providing anything constructive to support your argument.
  4. No, I have not....but if I'm ever in the neighbourhood I'll check it out for sure!
  5. I do not have a Canucks mask yet. My son was supposed to order me one but I'm not complaining that he forgot because he got me a Petey jersey instead. Trade off. There are flu shots. There are no COVID shots yet. People who ARE afraid are justified in this and I am one of them. Not for me, for the people around me who are in that age group who aren't just numbers. OK, quit spamming with your crap. If you want to run around endangering people that's on you, not us. Superman syndrome, that's what I'm calling it. Be ignorant, be very ignorant.
  6. The Dude's got cancer   :(



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      @#*& cancer.  2020 playing a full 60 minutes here.

  7. I think you're missing the fact that there could be long term health implications for people of all ages and they're still figuring it all out. Do you not have anyone in the family who's 70+? They deserve consideration in all of this too!
  8. It's dumbfounding, really. Of course my new job/school has a case already. I'm no where in the vicinity but that's hardly reassuring. Especially when there are select individuals who still think it's ok to be maskless, in close quarters by the numbers, etc. who do wander from space to space as potential hazards. I mean, there's enough info out there that there's really no excuse. Especially in a professional setting. I'm with the full on hazmat gear crowd...masks, shields, pack sanitizer everywhere, wipes. Full meal deal. Hope it's enough.
  9. "Have you seen the orcas here yet? Up close?"
  10. Trump's camp all seem like a brainwashed, brainless cult. It's scary. Throw them a $20 and they're in.
  11. Border closure for non essential travel extended to November 21. whew
  12. Sorry, not going to follow you around in circles anymore. You figure out your stuff then maybe you can move on to ours. Right now, your opinion about JB is only that and it's not a very fair assessment. It's one of being stuck in the past and giving no credit for the here and now or how the team is progressing. And they are. Even if you don't recognize it.
  13. But you also don't give credit where it's due. So this is good because it answers the question: shouldn't we wait and see before we decide? There are a lot of "mights", "maybes" and taking a step back is a maybe too. We were a step ahead this one really expected us to compete as we did. You keep putting emphasis on missing the playoffs but rebuilding teams do. It's about making those sacrifices to implement changes and then you start looking back toward playoffs. The past is just that...this year we WERE in the playoffs. That is a good thing. JB was at the helm. But you're still dwelling on the past "has beens' and the future "may be's". The present is that we had a pretty good run overall and saw some really positive things to build from. I see us taking steps forward but that's just me and my half full glass. Because it could go either way. You're so fixated on "if" we miss the playoffs and where we were in the past. It's really preventing you from enjoying the here and important piece of this puzzle that you omit from your overall assessments. "Could have been avoided". These sorts of statements keep you stuck in the past. Time to move on and maybe shed some of the history because it's really not part of the future. Things have a way of working themselves out (or not). But we have a lot of really great pieces in place and your bleak forecast is really just your deal to work through. Not ours.