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  1. The amount of composure Joe showed was commendable. He didn't unravel...despite Trump's spewing and spurting and whatever else he was doing.
  2. True. I guess I should appreciate what we do have here by seeing "what could be". Scary.
  3. I think what really struck a nerve with me was when Trump was going on the attack of Joe's children by interrupting him in a cold, callous way as he spoke of his deceased son. There is absolutely zero empathy, humanity, class or dignity in this man that I see. He's an empty shell. As he interrupted Biden for the 900th time: I saw fire from Joe. While he could have very well jumped in to Trump's dirty puddle to sling mud back at his family (nut) tree, he didn't. But his tone changed and it was very much a "don't you dare" moment as he used the opportunity to dispel the myth that drug addicts are worthless, disposable human beings (except if they're Trump's friends). People should be be wary of a man who'd rather use someone's struggle as ammo and target someone through their dead son. Really poor taste. STHU and be a human being for a moment in time. If that's how you debate? By taking swings at someone during their moment of reflection on a dead son? Joe carried on with dignity as he defended his family. "When they go low".
  4. I know in Canada we have guidelines around polling stations that prohibit signs/displays at voting stations and that extends to the property including the parking lot. Do they not have that in the US? They really should.
  5. This is where your focus should be. Because they have a duty to uphold the law. To serve and protect the people. Not exterminate them.
  6. Posts were hidden because to present it like there wouldn't be the need for BLM IF black people weren't all criminals is the very basis of racism.
  7. Narcissistic personality disorder — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. "Me" "The greatest ever" "Never in the history has there been" "I" This is on full display with Trump. The fact that, when presented with number of COVID deaths he immediately goes to a place where it "could've been much worse". Except the families of those who were included in that number probably disagree.
  8. Me too! That's a form of intimidation...especially in a country where people are permitted to carry fire arms. Loose cannon leadership is in full swing.
  9. "Stand by" generally means "be ready". "We will resume shortly".
  10. I think you're missing the point. If a President's followers ("voters") are racist, what is he doing to quell that? Or, more appropriately, what is he doing to spur that on? He doesn't "have" to be anything if his sheeple do the dirty work for him. With him setting the tone and fuelling the fire. Lighting the match. It's not ok to be racist...that's a clearly defined message. And if "your people" are racist and you're not clearly calling them're part of the problem. You're supporting them, even if indirectly and sheepishly. Standing behind them. If the platform you work from has a racist tone and you're the's your job to address that. Not roll with it. He had a direct message to send last night and failed to. Those blurred lines speak volumes ... like him.
  11. Based on? Have you surveyed them? Spoken to them? What are you basing your idea on?
  12. My two year olds used to rag doll in Toys R Us when they couldn't get a toy they wanted.