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  1. I am enjoying some quality "me time" this weekend.  It feels great to slow the pace down a bit.

    Driving range, putting fun with family and today it's green tea followed by a good workout.

    1. brilac


      Nice, I worked on my quilt today.  I originally did not like the way I put it together with the triangles and squares and took it apart. I am going to do squares and cut the triangles into squares and sew them together so the quilt is squares. 


    2. -DLC-


      You should post a picture when you're done...would love to see it!


    3. brilac






      The squares on the left are what I’ve sewn together this afternoon. I originally had a bunch of pieces sewn together with triangles and squares and it looked like a mess, so I took it apart.  The triangles above, I could get one to two squares out of each.  I’m going to take a square and stencil it on the triangles.


      When done, I’ll definitely post a pic!

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