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  1. I guess I finally served my 10 year ban :huh:

    1. Rubik


      What did you do? :D

  2. come back and bhangra for me :(

  3. permaban

  4. I wish u were unbanned :(

  5. I kind of wish you were unbanned.. kind of, as in not. tehe =]

  6. i hate u

  7. I wish you were unbanned. You were awesome

  8. I know you made a new account under metaphoracle. tehe. :)

  9. u should make a spoon that shoots out mouth refresheners, so u can smell good while eating

  10. sup man havent talked to ya in a while

  11. Hey! Long time to talk, I bet you don't remember who I am, but thats okay, lmao.

    How are you? What do you think of the `Nucks now? I`m just really excited. :)

  12. the guy below this message is a flaming homosexual

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